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Nette Kirkegaard said...

Hi Milena,
Do you know where to buy Cybex pushchairs online? I live in Denmark and the selection in the retail stores is limited.
Also, im torn between the Cybex Balios m and the Priam. The Priam looks more comfortable but the Balios M sound like it is better for travelling (planes, camping ect) as it folds quite well. Any thoughts here?
Thanks for at great blog
All the best,

Milena Jaros said...

I only know about who sell them online but I don't think they sell the PRIAM. I'd definitely try both the Balios M and PRIAM out in store to see which one you like better. The fold is more compact on the Balios M and the seat seemed very good and comfortable to me. I also prefer the shopping basket on the Balios M. The PRIAM is very stylish but perhaps a little less practical in my opinion.

Nette Kirkegaard said...

Thanks Milena!

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