Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Quinny Moodd
- review

- elegant look
- large rear wheels can tackle all terrains and soften the bumps
- large seat unit
- automatic unfolding
- t-bar (bumper bar) and raincover included
- flat recline and newborn nest to use from birth in the package
- very light to push
- plush seat that holds the child well no matter their size
- optional carrycot and car seat to use from birth (seat is also suitable from newborn)
- step on, step off brake means you're not ruining your footwear
- option to change from 3 to 4 wheels but expensive and can't just buy a 4 wheel version right away.

- low handlebar even on highest setting
- tiny canopy made of super thin fabric, doesn't give any protection
- horrible leg rest, my daughter's legs kept getting stuck in the hole in the leg rest, only good for older toddlers who can keep their feet in place
- very small and shallow basket 
- rattly front wheels, make a lot of noise and don't handle rough terrains easily
- t-bar too close to the child and too low for the child to be comfortable and hold it
- large folded and quite heavy to lift 
- a lot of movement in the frame, frame squeaky and noisy from new and no amount of silicone spray would reduce it
- low quality for the price and doesn't hold any value when reselling.

I posted about the Moodd in the past, please go here to see from birth options and here some additional photos of the gorgeous Britto edition.


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