Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Quinny Moodd
- review

- elegant look
- large rear wheels can tackle all terrains and soften the bumps
- large seat unit
- automatic unfolding
- t-bar (bumper bar) and raincover included
- flat recline and newborn nest to use from birth in the package
- very light to push
- plush seat that holds the child well no matter their size
- optional carrycot and car seat to use from birth (seat is also suitable from newborn)
- step on, step off brake means you're not ruining your footwear
- option to change from 3 to 4 wheels but expensive and can't just buy a 4 wheel version right away.

- low handlebar even on highest setting
- tiny canopy made of super thin fabric, doesn't give any protection
- horrible leg rest, my daughter's legs kept getting stuck in the hole in the leg rest, only good for older toddlers who can keep their feet in place
- very small and shallow basket 
- rattly front wheels, make a lot of noise and don't handle rough terrains easily
- t-bar too close to the child and too low for the child to be comfortable and hold it
- large folded and quite heavy to lift 
- a lot of movement in the frame, frame squeaky and noisy from new and no amount of silicone spray would reduce it
- low quality for the price and doesn't hold any value when reselling.

I posted about the Moodd in the past, please go here to see from birth options and here some additional photos of the gorgeous Britto edition.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easywalker Mosey

I was very excited to have a chance to try the Easywalker Mosey since I felt so strongly about the older model MINI. I really loved the idea of the MINI but it just didn't work for me. I knew Easywalker worked very hard on making the new Mosey better and I'm really glad I bought one and used it with my youngest. If you're not familiar with the older MINI you can find my review here.

Here's my list of pros and cons of the Easywalker Mosey.

- it looks very stylish, compact, parent and world facing pushchair with a fully lie flat seat, optional foldable carrycot and car seat adapters make it very versatile
- leatherette extendable handlebar
- bumper bar (gate opening) and raincover included in the package
- great harness and buckle
- optional colour packs so you can mix and match between the different colour canopies and liners
- huge extendable canopy
- narrow frame and wheelbase which is great in tight spaces
- folds down with seat in place parent and world facing or with carrycot still attached
- pushes very well on even ground
- light to push when seat is upright and parent facing due to weight distribution.

- very rattly and hard to push over any uneven terrains
- odd weight distribution means there's quite a big difference in the push with the seat upright world facing vs. parent facing, it's significantly heavier when world facing but super light with the seat reclined and world facing, it's also heavy to push with the seat reclined parent facing but super easy to push with seat upright and parent facing
- sun canopy although huge isn't made very well, the fabric is thin, the canopy sits very close to the child's face and when extended blocks their view completely, the canopy can be pulled higher to create more headroom but in reality it moves too easily and comes down by itself or at the slightest touch
- thin liner, the older model had a super thick and padded liner so this was a big disappointment for me
- urban wheels and no suspension make it only good on pavements, we struggled on the grass outside the school and in the park
- the fold, too many steps and doesn't freestand when folded, easy to scratch the frame and mark the fabrics when set down, not very compact when folded, frame is quite long and seat doesn't fold flat with the frame, it's really much easier to take the seat off and fold the frame by itself
- small shopping basket
- optional XL shopping bag only fits with the seat world facing and upright
- adjustable leg rest has an odd shape and doesn't hold child's legs well at all.

All in all I was really glad I gave the Mosey a chance. I think Easywalker tried hard on fixing all the problems with the old MINI and somehow overdid it in the process. I wish they stuck to the quality of the wheels and fabrics of the old model and only changed the seat position to more upright and made it lighter to push when parent facing. Instead they managed to make the Mosey worse in my opinion with the poor fold, canopy, leg rest, wheels and fabrics. I think it's still a nice pushchair for urban use but with quite a few compromises.

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