Friday, 2 September 2016

Scooting Back to Class!

Scoot Back to School in style this September with these fab scooters and accessories from Micro Scooters

Maxi Micros, from £99.95
Helmets, from £19.95

Pink Mini Deluxe £69.95

Purple Maxi Deluxe £119.95

Daisy helmet £24.95

Bottle heart £6.95

Fruit salad bottle holder £9.95

Blue Mini Deluxe £69.95

Aqua Mini Deluxe £69.95

Blue Maxi Deluxe £119.95

Bottle jungle £6.95

Jungle Bottle Holder £9.95

Jungle Helmet £24.95

Flex Aubergine from £159.95

Speed Mint from £119.95

5 Golden rules for safe scooting:

·         Always make sure children wear a helmet, particularly if scooting near roads.
·         Make sure that children are seen in the dark evenings, by wearing a reflective jacket or strip and by attaching a light to the scooter.
·         Always check that the scooter is in good working condition.
·         It is advisable to ensure that children can be heard by attaching a bell to the scooter.
·         Young children are often unaware of basic rules of the road and need constant vigilance on the part of the parent or adult with them to make sure that they do not scoot too fast on pavements and always keep away from the edge of the road and other pavement users. They need to be reminded always, to dismount from their scooters and stop, look and listen when crossing the road.

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