Friday, 9 September 2016

Micralite Toro

Micralite Toro is a very similar pushchair to the Super-lite that I reviewed last month. This Toro is a few years old now but the new ones work in the same way. The only thing that's changed is the colours.
The Toro pushes like a dream. It's exactly the same light push as the Super-lite. You can steer it with one finger. 
The Toro's seat is were the most differences are as the seat here is a more or less standard bucket seat with 3 recline positions. The seat seems very comfortable but is on the small side. In my opinion this is more suited to under 2s whereas the Super-lite can fit a 5 year old.
The canopy is more conventional too and it looks good. It gives a good shade and there's a pull out sun visor to offer more protection from the sun.
The handles that you see here are the multi position handles that you purchase when you want to use the rider board. They can be adjusted to any height and angle but I find they have a lot of movement in them and I'm really not keen on that aspect. I much prefer the sturdy shorter handles that the Toro and Super-lite normally come with.
I also find that the shopping basket is inaccessible when the seat is upright in the Toro. It's much better with the seat reclined but obviously not ideal.
The folded size is very compact just as the Super-lite. The Toro weighs a little more but it's not heavy at all.
The Toro can be used as a full travel system, whether you'd want to use a car seat on the frame or the fantastic Micralite Air-flo carrycot.
As you can see in the photos below it can also take the Micralite Rider board to allow an older child to rest. I found that the board changed the weight distribution significantly and the Toro became very back heavy and unstable at times. This is something to consider if you plan on using the board.

This is my own pushchair.


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