Friday, 23 September 2016

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Axkid Rekid
rear facing up to 25kg!

Here is some info from Axkid's website to give you an idea on the Rekid:

  • - Easy installation in any seat in your vehicle that has a 3-point seat belt.
  • - Integrated 5-point harness and head rest which automatically adjusts to perfectly fit your child.
  • - Unique tether strap tightening function.
  • - Three reclining positions for maximum comfort.
  • - Deep side wings for extra side impact protection.
  • - Extra long support leg to enable installation in a wide variety of vehicles.
  • - Seat cover machine washable in 30º.
  • - Plus tested
  • - Isofix
The Rekid can be installed rear-facing with a 3-point seat belt and used for children weighing 9-25 kg or be installed rear-facing using Isofix, 9-18kg. The seat is approved according to ECE R44 rev 04 safety standards and also approved according to Plus-test, which is a Swedish test procedure with rigorous tests done for rear-facing safety seats.

Rekid is the newest of Axkid's extended rear facing car seats. As you may remember we had a Minikid a couple of years ago so we were already familiar with the brand and how safe their car seats are. I jumped with joy when I was offered to try the Rekid with my children!
When it arrived I immediately fell in love with the new grey fabrics! Both children wanted to try it out straightaway and I couldn't wait to install it in the car.

What sets Axkid seats apart from the competition is the self adjusting headrest/harness and the self tightening tether straps. These 2 innovations are absolutely amazing in my opinion. 
The headrest adjusts to the right position as you tighten the harness on your child so it's always at the right height and it makes it easier to swap the seat between children of different ages.
The headrest can be locked in position for younger children or those who may not like the sound of the clicking upwards headrest waking them up from a nap :) 
The self tightening tether straps are an absolute godsend for me with my bad back. You simply connect them to the tether anchors and push on the seat to tighten them. If you watch the video below you'll see just how easy it is!

Installation with ISOFIX is very easy. All you need to do is click the ISOFIX arms in the anchor points, connect the tether straps and adjust the support leg. There's two downsides to ISOFIX installation with the Rekid. First is the lower weight limit. The Rekid can only be used up to 18 kg with ISOFIX whereas it can be used all the way up to 25 kg with the seat belt. Second downside is that Rekid takes a lot more space in the car when it's installed with ISOFIX. You can see in the photos below how long ISOFIX arms are. It's great if you have a large car and you want to provide leg room to your child but not so great in a smaller car. If we wanted to use it like that we'd have to sacrifice the front passenger seat as neither me nor my husband could sit there with Rekid behind it.

Installation with the seat belt gives you more flexibility with the passenger leg room and also a higher weight limit of 25 kg. The installation is also fairly simple but I find the belt lock offs a little tricky myself. You do need to thread the seat belt either under the fabrics or over them and then use the lock offs to tighten the seat belt correctly. After that's done you repeat the same process of connecting tether straps and adjusting the leg support. With Rekid installed with the seat belt it takes less space in the car although you can set the car seat further away from the back of the seat to create more leg room for the child. I was surprised how wide the base of the Rekid is. I found it tricky to set it on the seat in our car without blocking the buckle stalk. 

Rekid is a fantastic seat for slightly older toddlers and children. My daughter is 22 months in these photos and she has the headrest on the lowest position. Axkid sell an insert that will help boost a child upward a little but I do think the Rekid (Minikid and Duofix as well) is suitable from the moment a baby completely outgrows the infant car seat so it may take a little longer for them to grow into it. The great thing is it will last ages! My son is 5 and 110 cm tall and still has one height position in the headrest to grow into. Rekid should really last until about 6 years of age or 25 kg.

Rekid is also a rather upright car seat. We have it set on maximum recline in our car due to the slope in the vehicle seats. Thankfully Axkid sell a recline wedge to help in these situations which allows the car seat to recline further and makes it more suitable for sleeping toddlers.

My completely honest opinion is that the Rekid is well worth the money. It will last approximately 4.5 years and provide your child with the safety and comfort you'd want. My children both love using it and believe me when I say my 5 year old would say something if he didn't like it! :) I'm waiting for the recline wedge to arrive so my daughter can nap in comfort when she's in the Rekid for longer drives and I will update the post to show the wedge to you at a later date. I find the Rekid a little tricky to install with the seat belt and I wish our car was slightly bigger inside so we could use the Rekid with ISOFIX instead but maybe our next car will be more suitable for that. It's not a car seat you want to keep swapping on a daily basis between cars but rather one that will stay in one car for longer periods. If you want the safest seat for your child then you really can't go wrong with Axkid. Be it the Minikid, Duofix or Rekid your child will be well protected. 

My last piece of advice is that when choosing a car seats it's best to find a good independent retailer where you can check the fit of the child seat in the car and also check it's suitable for the child. Please do read the car seat manual when buying a new car seat and if you're ever not sure on how something works and also check your vehicle manual to see which positions are a no go in the car as some vehicles can be more difficult than others :)

Safe travels everyone!

Shoulder pads are anti slippery and very thick

Headrest brake

ISOFIX arms release

Recline lever

Seat belt lock offs

Installation video

Please do take a moment and visit to find out more about their products and accessories and also to look for your local retailers.

Rekid installed with ISOFIX

Rekid installed with the 3-point seat belt

Self tightening tether straps

I only realised he needed to have the headrest one notch lower after 
taking these photos so do excuse that! He has plenty of room to grow.

The car in the photos is a BMW 5 series F10 saloon.
Children are:
5 years, 110 cm tall and just under 18 kg
22 months, 80-something cm tall and 10.5 kg.

Huge thank you to Axkid for sending us their car seat for the purpose of this review.

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