Monday, 1 August 2016

Silver Cross Reflex

Silver Cross Reflex is what Silver Cross calls an advanced stroller. What does it mean? Well, it means the Reflex can be used from newborn all the way up to 25 kg so it could also be suitable for special needs children or those tired older siblings catching a ride :)
The normal seat can be reclined fully flat but if you really want to use it from birth then Silver Cross sell a beautiful newborn accessory pack which makes the Reflex parent facing so you can keep an eye on your precious bundle.
Reflex comes with a fantastic and comfortable seat liner, chest and crotch pads and a swing away bumper bar. It also features a wonderfully big sun canopy to shade the child on those sunny days.
The handles are height adjustable which is nice to see. I was happy to find that the handles suited me fine on the lowest setting as unfortunately there's quite a lot of movement in them when extended.
The shopping basket is a decent size but access is very restricted with the seat upright and completely blocked with the seat reclined. 
The wheels are large for a stroller. The ride is surprisingly good but they wouldn't go over uneven grass and I struggled to push the Reflex in our local park. 
The 5 point harness needs to be mentioned here as I'm not a fan of Silver Cross's harnesses. The buckle is very nice and sturdy. The shoulder and waist straps come detached quite easily when the buckle is released and it's very tricky to put them back together especially with a wriggly/unwilling child in the seat! On the positive note the harness is easy to adjust in length and seems very comfortable for the child with the plush strap pads on.
The LED lights on the sides of the frame are a very nice touch to the finish. These could prove great on those early winter afternoons.
The fold is standard umbrella stroller type. Easy to do with one hand and foot. Folded size it not too long and fitted great in our saloon boot. I did find unfolding very tricky though and that's thanks to the double automatic locks! Yes, there's 2 locks, one on each side making it a 2 hand job to open the stroller and I hit myself several times unfolding the Reflex. You kind of have to use both hands to hold the locks opened and shake the stroller open. It shouldn't be this complicated Silver Cross! I even looked at whether I could unscrew one of the locks but they are not screwed to the frame like some so I couldn't do that without damaging the Reflex. Shame really as this would put me off using the Reflex when travelling on my own with a little one.
I was very positively surprised by the Silver Cross Reflex. After several other umbrella strollers I thought the Reflex wouldn't be any different but it proved so much better than the competition. Apart from the small niggles with the harness and the 2 automatic locks I loved the Reflex as did my daughter. She absolutely couldn't wait to jump in it and didn't want to get out even after long walks! I have to say the striking yellow colour was a huge bonus too as it stands out from the crowd so much you can't miss it on the school run! I can definitely recommend the Reflex to other parents on the lookout for a compact umbrella stroller.


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