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Micralite Super-Lite

Micralite Super-lite is a very different looking pushchair. I've wanted to try a Micralite for ages now and I finally had a chance to do so this summer. 

The Super-lite comes as a pushchair suitable from 6 months but it can take a car seat or a carrycot to be suitable from birth.

The standard package contains the pushchair itself and the raincover. The liner you see in my photos is an extra but let me tell you right now it is well worth buying!

The Super-lite has a very distinct look. Everything about it screams 'I'm different'. I guess it's one of those pushchairs you'll either love or hate the look of. 

The handles are height adjustable using clips like those on bicycles. The handles are shaped like bull horns and can be adjusted to any angle and I have to say they work great. The part in the middle works perfect for one handed push. It's super easy to steer with one or two hands. For taller parents I'd recommend looking into adding the multi position handle extensions that Micralite sell.

The sun canopy looks very well on the pushchair but is very small and short and doesn't cover the child at all. I added a Mamas&Papas universal sun shield to help with that and it worked well for us. There's other universal shades that could be used and I think it would only be needed for young and napping babies, older children can easily wear a hat in very strong sun and the Super-lite's canopy will be adequate for them.

The seat is a little odd looking. It's a bucket shape seat but it's like nothing I've ever seen and it's a good thing! The seat itself is made completely of mesh, perfect for the summer but not so much for winter hence the additional liner. The liner makes the seat super plush and comfortable. If you look at the photos below you can see how well my daughter sits in the seat. She's always comfortable and she doesn't slip down or slides to the side when she's in it. My eldest tried the seat as well and didn't want to get out! I don't think I've ever seen a seat with seat back this tall before. My nearly 5 year old fits in the seat better than I could ever imagine. He still has head room. The seat is deep enough for him and he has good foot support. Incredible considering his age/height and he's right at the top of the weight limit. 

The Super-lite has a 5 point harness that is very easy to adjust in length, shoulder straps can be adjusted in height as well. The buckle is the older style that I love, it simply works! There's no struggle when putting a child in the seat.

The seat can be reclined for a napping child. The recline is a different to other pushchairs and I have to say I'm not a huge fan. I think it's a little stiff on my Super-lite because the pushchair is still new though so it may take a few more tries to get the hang of it. I think the recline works well for a younger child but older toddlers may look uncomfortable with no leg support.

The Super-lite's seat is very open which is great for inquisitive toddlers. My daughter never wants to get out like she did in other pushchairs because she can see everything around her. For colder weather Micralite sell an amazing winter footmuff that will keep the child warm and cosy. 

The shopping basket is a very good size, it can easily hold shopping or a changing bag. It can only be accessed from the front so you do need to stop and walk around to reach stuff but so far it hasn't bothered me. It is a little awkward to put larger items in there because of the strap that goes through the middle of the space. You can also pop lighter items like a coat or two behind the seat.

The raincover that comes with the Super-lite is fantastic. It comes in its own storage bag that you can hang from the handlebar and always have on hand. It's a framed raincover so keeps its shape when on the seat but it folds tiny! My daughter does try to kick it off at times but the velcro around the frame keeps it in place nicely.

The wheels on the Super-lite are like nothing else on a lightweight stroller! The front wheels are standard double stroller wheels but the rear wheels are 12 inch air tyres and that's what makes the difference. With regular umbrella/lightweight strollers you need to stick to the pavements but with the Super-lite you simply need to lift the front wheels and off you go! You can either push it in front of you on the rear wheels or you can pull it behind you. Either way it's incredibly easy and you can take the Super-lite and the little passenger practically everywhere. The small front wheels do make some noise and rattle on uneven pavements but the rear wheels make you forget about that small issue. One thing to remember and to get used to is that the front wheels are much wider than the rear. At 61 cm they are quite wide for a small pushchair and I did hit things on my first few outings with the Super-lite. 

The brake is a very simple bar that goes across the rear wheels. It's sturdy and easy to apply. It's not exactly sandal/flip flop friendly but I haven't had any issues even with my wedges on. 

The fold on the Super-lite is incredible in itself. It takes seconds to do and is dead simple. To fold all you need to do is press the silver button and then simultaneously press and pull the levers each side of the silver button and the red button to fold the Micralite. To open you just need to release the storage clip/automatic lock and press the red button until the chassis locks in place. It does take two hands to fold and unfold the Super-lite but it's well worth the effort to have such a small and easy fold. The Super-lite freestands when folded and it takes practically no space in the house, you can put it away in a wardrobe or storage under stairs etc. if you're short on space. 

The Super-lite is just that super light to push and to lift. It weighs just 6.2 kg and you can push and steer it with one finger! It is in fact so light that it can become tippy. When the seat is empty I find the Super-lite very back heavy. With a child in the seat you don't notice this and it makes going up and down kerbs easy. If you like to put shopping bags or a changing bag on the pushchair handlebars then I beg you not to do it with the Super-lite. It will tip in the blink of an eye! 

Micralite Super-lite is an incredibly versatile pushchair. I wasn't sure about it at first mainly because of the shape of the seat but it has won me over. My daughter loves being in the Super-lite and we can take it everywhere with us. It takes little space in the car or at home. It can go off road when needed and it does great when grocery shopping. My husband, who normally pays very little attention to what pushchair we're using, keeps asking to take the Micralite when going out and he's the one who folds and unfolds it these days (hasn't done that since our very first travel system that I could barely fold on my own!). He absolutely loves the Super-lite and that's a huge praise coming from him. I honestly think that you can't go wrong with Micralite and it's lovely to be surprised like that after having close to 60 pushchairs before the Super-lite. 

Folding buttons

Handlebar clips to adjust angle

Automatic lock to keep the frame closed

Folded and freestanding

Raincover in its pouch

Seat recline

4y11m and 109 cm tall child at the max weight limit

Excuse the messy boot

More than enough space for a changing bag and other essentials in the basket

No problems when grocery shopping

Mamas&Papas universal sun shield works well on the Super-lite when it's really sunny

For more information and to buy one for yourself please visit

A massive thank you and congratulations to Micralite for making this amazing pushchair and for sending us one for the purpose of this review.


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