Sunday, 24 July 2016

CYBEX Agis M-Air 4

CYBEX Agis M-Air 4 is one of the newest members of the CYBEX family. As you may remember I already tested the Balios M for CYBEX and was absolutely loving it! The Agis M-Air 4 is a smaller, more lightweight world facing stroller but it still has some great features. 
The Agis M-Air 4 can be used as a pushchair from birth with the optional carrycot, it can also be used as a travel system with one of CYBEX's amazing car seats or it can be used from newborns up to 17 kg or roughly 4 years of age in the world facing seat unit with lie flat recline.
The Agis M-Air 4 features a wonderful and easy one hand fold. It has a standing fold position so it takes very little space. There's a large and extendable canopy although the extension is mesh so only really good in fair weather. The Agis M-Air 4 comes with the bumper bar but sadly no raincover. As with the Balios M and other pushchairs from CYBEX M series, the raincover is optional and I'd strongly suggest purchasing one if you live in Great Britain with the ever surprising weather!
What surprised me about the Agis M-Air 4 was that it has a height adjustable handlebar. This is still quite uncommon on similar pushchairs from different brands. The handle goes quite high and I'd definitely recommend the Agis M-Air 4 to taller and shorter parents alike.
The seat unit of the Agis M-Air 4 is very spacious and will easily fit an older and taller child. It is rather wide though and I found my daughter slumped in the seat all the time. This is partly due to the waist straps being attached at the sides of the seat and not behind the child's back as in some other pushchairs. The harness is very easy to adjust and the buckle is strong and would be hard to open by a child in my opinion.
The shopping basket is very large but sadly it can only be accessed from the back and the gap between the bottom of the seat and the axle is very small so you can't fit larger items in there.
The wheels are hard rubber, the rear wheels are a very good size, the front wheels are smaller making this an urban pushchair. The front wheels can be locked straight to handle some more difficult terrains. Even though there's suspension on the wheels it can't be felt if I'm completely honest and it gets very bumpy on uneven pavements. The front wheels rattle and make noise as well. This bothered me a little but the overall pushing experience is good. The Agis M-Air 4 is very light to push and turn one handed so I can forgive it the bit of bumpiness :)
My final opinion is that the Agis M-Air 4 is a fantastic, lightweight full size pushchair with a very large seat, big basket and great one hand fold and it would make a perfect addition to any family looking for a practical all rounder for their child.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Silver Cross Surf Elevation

This isn't a proper review as the Elevation is an older model of the Surf. I will write a normal review of the Surf 2 that I currently have here instead but I really wanted to show you this beauty :)
The Surf Elevation was the all terrain version of the Surf and with the jogging wheel it could tackle any terrain. The jogging wheel can still be bought for the newer Surf 2 and 3 which is great for those of you who like to walk off road a lot or jog with the little one.

Beautiful summer kit

Super compact folding chassis

Snug as a bug

With the jogging wheel

Went a little overboard and completely blocked the front wheels at a field lol

Not a huge fan of the SC raincovers as they steam up like crazy despite the ventilation holes.

Winter kit

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Maclaren Spitfire

50 years ago, a British test pilot and aeronautical engineer named Owen Maclaren changed the world when he applied his experience designing the complex landing gear of the Spitfire aeroplane to invent the first umbrella-fold baby buggy. Now, after half a century of meticulous refinement, we pay tribute to our aerospace roots with the 50th anniversary Spitfire buggy.

Maclaren Spitfire is basically the Maclaren Techno XT with special edition details. It looks absolutely beautiful and works fantastic too.
Suitable from 6 months seat is very comfortable for the little ones and the slightly older toddlers as well. My daughter loved taking her naps in the Spitfire and it was easier for her to fall asleep as she could stare at the clouds and planes on the lining of the canopy.

The Maclaren Spitfire comes with accessories that make it even more special. The sheepskin looks like an aviator jacket and the fake wool lining is actually very nice to touch. We didn't use the head hugger but the shoulder pads were super thick and comfortable. 

The Spitfire rolls on 4 double stroller wheels. They can tackle most terrains although it's obviously most at home in the city.

The Spitfire has a very decent shopping basket with easy access by undoing the zip and velcro. It can hold a fair amount of shopping. There's also 2 pockets on the back of the canopy for some parent essentials.

The brakes are easy to locate and you can use the pedal on either side to lock both wheels, simple and works as it should.

The Spitfire plane details make the stroller stand out from the crowd.

The leg rest of the seat can be adjusted upwards to support little legs and feet.

The Spitfire is very easy to fold and it has the very compact folded size of a standard umbrella stroller. It's a little shorter in length than the bigger XLR and so it's easier to fit it in the boot of our saloon car.

There is an automatic lock to keep it folded.

The super stylish and warm footmuff comes as standard and is my favourite thing about the Spitfire. It has velcro openings for the harness so no need to unthread it every time you need to wash the footmuff or seat.

The 5 point harness is a great fit for my daughter. It's a little difficult to tighten or loosen the straps with a child in the seat but it's a minor issue. The buckle is one of my favourites on a pushchair and parents of little escape artist will love it. Maclaren have had these buckles for a while and they do require an adult to open them up! Love that!

Super cosy!

The raincover is easy to fit and gives great protection.

Viewing window in the back of the canopy, perfect to check on little one.

Overall I couldn't really fault the Spitfire. It looks amazing, it's easy to use, very comfortable for the child and practical in every way. I'm not a huge fan of separate handles and I do wish they could be adjusted in height like the standard Techno XT. I love the accessories that come included in the price but even with the gorgeous footmuff it is a very expensive stroller and there's no way of getting around that. However, if you can spare the money, it is well worth it and you'll love it!

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