Thursday, 30 June 2016

Manchester Turned On By Renewable Energy

Study shows Manchester residents are among the UK’s strongest supporters of renewables

[22 June 2016] A national YouGov survey of 2,029 GB adults commissioned by Bulb – the UK’s first low-cost renewable energy supplier – has revealed that 71% of people who live in and around Manchester think renewable energy is something we should be supporting more.

The survey discovered that over a quarter (29%) of people in the region have switched their energy provider once in the past five years – above the national average of 24%. What’s more, 67% of respondents went on to say they would switch to solely renewable energy if it were cheaper than their
existing tariff.

The survey suggested that customers find the tariffs and deals available from their current supplier to be over complicated with 19% of people confirming they don’t understand the information on their energy bills.

Hayden Wood, co-founder of Bulb, commented:

“It’s hugely exciting to see an influential city such as Manchester at the top of the table and showing its support for renewable energy. For years energy suppliers have failed the consumer by complicating the industry. In doing so they have deterred consumers from switching,
consumer to save money.”

Bulb keeps things simple for its members by offering one tariff for electricity and gas that is, on average, 22% cheaper than the Big Six - that’s about £240 per year for a typical home.

Wood added:

“The reality is less than 1% of people currently choose to get their energy from 100% renewable suppliers. We created Bulb to give consumers a choice of energy they haven’t had before; fast, reliable, affordable and of course renewable,''

To switch to Bulb in three minutes, simply go to and enter your details. Bulb will take care of the rest.


All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 2029 adults, of which 96 said the closest city they lived to was Manchester. Fieldwork was undertaken between 4-5 May 2016. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).


Bulb is one of only three 100 percent renewable electricity companies in the UK, alongside Ecotricity and Good Energy. Although rates depend on the area of the UK (due to costs of distribution and proximity to production sites), Bulb is on average £240 cheaper per home per year. Bulb is also rated the #1 supplier of electricity and gas on the independent review website Trustpilot. Bulb’s electricity is independently sourced from four hydroelectric power stations across Wales and Scotland.

Notes on data

1. The average energy bill in the UK is measured according to the Ofgem Typical Consumption Values 2015 available here:
2. According to publically available data for 2015 the combined customers of the other 100% renewable electricity suppliers in the market, Ecotricity and Good Energy, are 150,000 and 68,000. The most recently available data from Ofgem states there are 29.3 million domestic energy customers of which 21.9 million are dual fuel customers. updates/infographic-energy-network

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Recaro Easylife

Recaro Easylife is the perfect holiday stroller! There! That's my review lol
But seriously...
What more could you want when travelling with a little one?!
A tiny, one hand fold. Very lightweight at just 5.7kg. A good size seat. A good harness. A great bumper bar. Decent shopping basket. One hand push. Sturdy frame. 
I've been looking for this for ages to be honest but I read some negative reviews that stated there was lots of play in the chassis of the Easylife due to how it folds and so I've been hesitant to spend money on one but I shouldn't have worried. My Easylife has the sturdiest frame ever, no play at all, it can even handle some shopping/bags hanging from the handlebar and still it's sturdy as ever!
The push is somewhat disappointing but only because I've never been a fan of double stroller wheels. There's not much of a suspension and those wheels can only get you certain places. It is very easy to take the child out, fold the Easylife with one hand and carry it over rougher terrains if need be. 
The basket is a bit on the small side but the fact there even is a basket is a huge bonus! 
I was surprised to find out the raincover wasn't included with the stroller but it seems to be a new norm these days. The additional bumper bar however is great to have and it even swings away. You don't have to remove it to fold the Easylife!
My daughter found the seat very comfortable although it is quite shallow to me. 
The harness is good but it's a shame there's only one height setting for the shoulder part. It should really be height adjustable if you ask me.
The canopy is very small and doesn't shade much so an additional sun shade would be good for those hot sunny days.
The handlebar is surprisingly high for a non adjustable one. I find it a great height but I'm 5'7 and I know a mum of shorter statue who found it very high. It is nice to see a high handlebar though because most of the other tiny folding pushchairs seem to have very low handles.
There is a recline on the seat. It's not a flat recline but it's more than enough for a toddler to have a nap.
The fold is super easy to do. It does only require one hand to do, unlike some where you can never master it like the demonstrators in manufacturer's videos. I found I need two hands to open the Easylife as you need to kind of shake it open for it to lock in place.  
All in all it's a beautiful, stylish, well made stroller with a tiny fold, a recline, a great size seat that will be the perfect addition to any family and on any holiday.

For more information please go to:

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Skip Hop Grab&Go organiser

This handy organiser from Skip Hop is one of my essentials when going out with my children. I absolutely couldn't be without it. I love to have the most important things near the handle on the pushchair instead of looking for them in the baskets. The organiser has 2 cup holder pockets, one large compartment and a zip off wristlet which is perfect for keeping your phone or money in. There's also a headphone port in the zip off part so you can use your phone/MP3 player safely. So far I have used the organiser on almost all my pushchairs in the past 1.5 years. It doesn't always fit great on umbrella strollers depending on how far/close the handles are but it's usually perfect on single handlebars.

You can buy yours from Jojo Maman Bebe.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Mothercare Xpedior

Mothercare Xpedior 3 wheel version is a travel system. It's normally sold as a 3-in-1 system so you buy the pushchair with seat that converts into a carrycot and a car seat. I can't comment on the car seat as it didn't come with my Xpedior but I know I wouldn't use a car seat that is a Mothercare own as they tend to be very cheap and barely pass crash tests. The pushchair itself was a pleasant surprise to me. I never had a Mothercare own brand and I was expecting it to be rather cheap/plasticky/badly made etc. It wasn't. The frame was nice and light, sturdy and easy to fold. The wheels are air tyres and give the pushchair a nice bounce. The front wheel is a double wheel and I have to say I'm not a fan of double wheels. It was very good to push on pavements and even on grass but the long wheelbase and double front wheel made it veer on a slope and it was a bit tippy (not too much though). I was very surprised at how big the shopping basket is. Ideal if you like shopping! As I mentioned the seat converts into a lie flat carrycot. There's a clip and a strap that need releasing and you have a full size carrycot, you even get a white inlay and apron so it looks like a proper carrycot. It's a lovely size for babies. My daughter was 11 months in the photos below. When used as a seat unit for older babies and toddlers unfortunately it's not so great. The seat back is an average height but the leg rest is very short. My daughter had very little room to grow in leg length and she wasn't even one. I doubt you'd fit a large 2 year old in this seat so I'd say this is a good pushchair from birth till walking when you can buy something smaller. The folded size is quite large and long and it is a 2 part fold. It's very easy to fold though and it's very light to carry. I have to say the special edition I had in khaki was very pleasing to look at. I loved the gold rose frame and the tan leatherette handlebar and bumper bar. All in all a very good purchase and if bought at the right price (Mothercare did have these on sale a while back :) ) it would be a great pram for any baby.

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