Thursday, 21 April 2016

Britax Advansafix II Sict

The day has come :( My son has outgrown the 5-point harness in his Advansafix II Sict. I've just converted the car seat to a high back booster (super easy to do by the way). I wrote a review of the Advansafix II Sict a few months ago which you can read here.

My son is now 4y8m, 108 cm tall and weighs 17 kg. He's no where near the weight limit for harness use as that's a whopping 25kg. He's not very tall (50th centile) and is on low centiles for weight. I'm quite disappointed the Advansafix II Sict doesn't last longer than that. I've done a lot of research into car seats over the past 3 years and I've been following the development of the Advansafix ever since Britax launched the first version Xtensafix, which was recalled soon afterwards. I've heard a lot of parents complaining about the longevity of the harness use in the Advansafix and unfortunately I have to agree with those complaints. The Advansafix II Sict or older Advansafix will never last as long as Britax claim they do when used as group 1-2 with 5-point harness. The tallest child I've seen in the Advansafix was just 110 cm tall, my son has a longer torso than legs which is why he outgrew it even quicker. I wish Britax would update the Advansafix and add another height settings to the harness to make it last longer.

I'm still very happy with our Advansafix II Sict and we're definitely going to continue using it as it's a fantastic and very safe car seat. I highly recommend it to everyone as long as they're aware of the drawbacks.

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Please watch this video to see how to remove the harness from the Advansafix II Sict

And my photos to show you the process:

Unhook the harness straps from the yolk at the back

Secure the yolk in the plastic guide

Remove the buckle

Unhook the shoulder pads

Hide the harness straps in the bottom of the seat

Attach the Secure Guard

Ready to roll!

And just to show you the highest headrest position.

We received the Advansafix II Sict for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.


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