Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Model and jewellery designer, Jade Jagger, was recently spotted in Bogota, Columbia with son Ray in his gb Pockit stroller. Jade and the rest of the Jagger family were out in full force to support her father Mick on the Rolling Stones tour.

Model and jewellery designer, Jade Jagger, was recently spotted in Bogota, Columbia with son Ray in his gb Pockit stroller ( – the 2014 Guinness World Record holder for the smallest folding stroller.  Jade and the rest of the Jagger family were out in full force to support her father Mick on the Rolling Stones tour. 

The genius of the gb Pockit lies in how quickly and compactly it can be folded. It is built with two fold options; the every-day fold – perfect for setting aside at restaurants or cafés while you are on the move, and the ultra-compact fold - ideal for stowing away in a suitcase, under a train seat or even in an airplane’s overhead compartment. These innovative folding options make the gb Pockit a travel sensation and a game-changer on public transport, car journeys, or for storing away at home.

The gb brand is the ultimate fusion of function, industrial design, and haute couture fashion, crafting iconic, high-tech prams and infant car seats with innovative design concepts. With the pioneering Pockit stroller, the gb Gold range brings original and user-friendly solutions to contemporary parents.

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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Britax Advansafix II Sict

The day has come :( My son has outgrown the 5-point harness in his Advansafix II Sict. I've just converted the car seat to a high back booster (super easy to do by the way). I wrote a review of the Advansafix II Sict a few months ago which you can read here.

My son is now 4y8m, 108 cm tall and weighs 17 kg. He's no where near the weight limit for harness use as that's a whopping 25kg. He's not very tall (50th centile) and is on low centiles for weight. I'm quite disappointed the Advansafix II Sict doesn't last longer than that. I've done a lot of research into car seats over the past 3 years and I've been following the development of the Advansafix ever since Britax launched the first version Xtensafix, which was recalled soon afterwards. I've heard a lot of parents complaining about the longevity of the harness use in the Advansafix and unfortunately I have to agree with those complaints. The Advansafix II Sict or older Advansafix will never last as long as Britax claim they do when used as group 1-2 with 5-point harness. The tallest child I've seen in the Advansafix was just 110 cm tall, my son has a longer torso than legs which is why he outgrew it even quicker. I wish Britax would update the Advansafix and add another height settings to the harness to make it last longer.

I'm still very happy with our Advansafix II Sict and we're definitely going to continue using it as it's a fantastic and very safe car seat. I highly recommend it to everyone as long as they're aware of the drawbacks.

For more information please visit

Please watch this video to see how to remove the harness from the Advansafix II Sict

And my photos to show you the process:

Unhook the harness straps from the yolk at the back

Secure the yolk in the plastic guide

Remove the buckle

Unhook the shoulder pads

Hide the harness straps in the bottom of the seat

Attach the Secure Guard

Ready to roll!

And just to show you the highest headrest position.

We received the Advansafix II Sict for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Supremely Safe Seat

Join the rear facing revolution this Easter with the CYBEX SIRONA Plus

SIRONA Plus, Royal Blue, £400

SIRONA Plus, Autumn Gold, £400

SIRONA Plus, Happy Black, £400

Whether you’re planning a road trip or visiting distant relatives – if a long drive is on the agenda, then the SIRONA Plus from CYBEX offers the ultimate in car seat safety, allowing the safe, rearward-facing, transportation of children up to approx. 4 years.

Leading consumer organisations recommend children remain rear-facing beyond Group 0+, and studies show that rear-facing car seats like the SIRONA Plus can reduce the risk of injuries by more than 80% in a collision, compared to a conventional forward-facing seat with harness system*. 

Building on the success of the SIRONA, the SIRONA Plus has the exact same design and functionality as its predecessor, but is made with thicker, more durable fabric.

Unlike other rear-facing rotational car seats, the SIRONA Plus also uses an impact shield rather than a harness when in the forward-facing mode, further reducing the risk of injuries – as the force of an impact is distributed evenly over a large area.
The SIRONA Plus’s ingenious 360° rotation system with easy entry makes life easier for parents as it’s simple to change between the rear-facing and forward facing positions.  The seats can also be turned to the side, facing the door with one simple click, so its stress free getting in and out of the car.

Furthermore, the one-click installation with ISOFIX – in both the rear and forward-facing position – makes fitting the car seat simple and guarantees increased safety, while a prop at the front helps to absorb the force of impact in a head on collision, providing additional stability. 

The SIRONA’s seat covers are easy to remove and can be safely washed on a gentle cycle at 30°C.
*According to research conducted by VTI – Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (Rapport 489A)

If you'd love to see more please have a look at my review of the amazing Sirona here: CYBEX Sirona.

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Monday, 11 April 2016

Little Gadgets

Kindle Bundle for Kids, £74.99

The Kindle Bundle for Kids (£74.99), includes the latest Kindle, a kid-friendly cover and a 2-year protection plan.  With more than 250,000 books for every age, your little ones can choose from classics such as Beatrix Potter’s ‘The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle’ to some of the latest titles from authors such as David Walliams and Jacqueline Wilson.  You can also easily keep track of their progress day-by-day and set them milestones to earn their very own achievement badges.

For kids that little bit younger, the Fire HD Kids Edition (£119.99) offers them the chance to master their first ABCs before setting foot in the classroom.  The tablet includes a year of Fire for Kids Unlimited giving you access to a vast range of hand-selected educational apps and games to help prep little ones for that first day of term. You can also set goals via the Learn First feature, which blocks their access to games and cartoons until the goals have been met.

Fire HD 6 Kids Edition, £119.99

Check the range here

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Friday, 1 April 2016

Mountain Buggy +One 2015

Mountain Buggy +One is a very versatile single to double pushchair. It can be used from birth as a single, through to one baby and one toddler and all the way to 2 toddlers. There's also an option of using it as a single with storage space.
The +One you see here is the newest 2015 model. There's been some changes from the previous model and these are the new handbrake that is fantastic to use, the brilliant one hand fold and reclining seats when it's used as a tandem. 
I only had the +One for a very short time so this isn't a proper review. I only use a single as my eldest doesn't need a pushchair so I can't really comment on what it's like to use as a double.
Here are my pros and cons for the +One.

  • very versatile with seating positions
  • great size seats
  • large all terrain wheels with suspension all round
  • fantastic one hand fold
  • comes as a full set, both seats and newborn mattress are all included although the raincover is still an extra!
  • good 5-point harness although the clips to lengthen and loosen the straps should be stronger
  • huge shopping basket with a high weight capacity of 10kg!
  • very tall and large pushchair, I'm 5'7'' and found it one of the biggest, tallest and longest pushchairs I've ever used, it's fairly narrow at 63 cm but I couldn't see the front wheel even without the sun canopy opened. Baby felt a long way from me and I had no way of interacting with her
  • heavy to push as a single, veers on a slope and being a 3 wheeler becomes unstable
  • smaller sun canopy then in previous model, no protection from elements for second child
  • front seat is only held by a couple of straps and with the weight of a child it reclines too far especially if there's a newborn behind it
  • new canvas fabrics don't look very attractive, the canopy is very flimsy, rods should be stronger on such a wide hood
  • shallow main seat
  • fixed bumper bar that is hard to attach and remove
  • rubber on handlebar feels awful to touch and splits easily, replacement can be bought but I'd invest in some covers for it from the start to protect it
  • very long/tall folded, does freestand which makes it good for storing at home but you need a large and probably empty car boot to transport it
  • no raincover included as with all Mountain Buggies.

For more information and instructional video please head to Mountain Buggy.

Tandem with newborn in the back

Single mode

Newborn mattress

2 toddlers mode

Where do the second child's legs go? :)
There's a zip underneath the seat, when undone it creates space 
for the child's feet, fabulous idea!

Massive basket with extra pockets on outside.

Large canopy but extension is mesh so only good in the summer.

This is my own pushchair.

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