Monday, 28 March 2016

iCandy Strawberry

I'm a big fan of iCandy, mostly for their looks and I've had a Peach 2 and an Apple 2 Pear before. A couple of months ago I found a beautiful Strawberry and had to try it!
iCandy Strawberry is a lightweight pushchair and what separates it from the Peach and Apple 2 Pear is the fact that despite being a full size pushchair, it can fold with the seat in place both world and parent facing. It also feature a memory seat which means that when opened the Strawberry seat will go back to the last position it was in so no fiddling around to recline the seat or set it upright before placing the child in it.
Here's my list of pros and cons.

  • lightweight both to lift and to push
  • large comfortable and supportive seat with a great 5 point harness
  • punnet - secret pocket underneath the leg rest that can hold a raincover or purse, keys etc.
  • very large although a little shallow basket
  • height adjustable handlebar, goes low and high enough to suit everyone
  • great size carrycot
  • option to use as a travel system with a range of car seats
  • option of purchasing flavour packs in different colours both for the seat unit and the carrycot.
  • very noisy canopy
  • fixed bumper bar
  • difficult two hand recline, buttons are hard to reach especially parent facing
  • not much of a suspension, can't feel it at all on the front wheels which means the ride is quite bumpy
  • small front wheels, care needs to be taken when going down kerbs
  • massive folded size although it does freestand
  • there's a knack to folding the Strawberry, the instructional video makes it looks very easy but in reality it takes practise and I never managed to fold it to freestand like the lady in video! :) 

This is my own pushchair.


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