Saturday, 2 January 2016

Out'n'About Nipper V4

I recently figured out it was time to try the newest model of one of my favourite pushchairs. This it the Out'n'About Nipper V4 single. I had a V2 model for my son and felt the baby needed to try one too!
There's been some changes in the V3 and V4 models but they're subtle and the pushchair remains just as great and still has that distinct look.
The V4 comes on black frames on all but the Lagoon Blue colours. Here's the Carnival Red. My favourite!
The V4 also has an automatic lock to keep it folded and I have to say it's fantastic! So much better than the manual lock on the previous models that I never actually used.
The V2 model has a mesh opening on the back of the seat that wasn't a great feature in winter, the V3 had that covered and the V4 remains the same on that point.
Unfortunately I think it's that cover that makes the recline impossible to use which is a shame. The older V2 was easy to recline just hard to put the seat back up with a child in it. The new V4 is impossible to recline AND put the seat back up! My baby still naps in the pushchair every day and this became very annoying. Each time she fell asleep I had to release the recline strap at the back of the seat and then walk around to the front of the pushchair and push the seat down around my baby's head. That was the only way to recline her! It seems the fabric holding the seat in place is just too stiff! It's also impossible to put the seat upright with a child in it. 
One other thing that seems to have changed since the V2 model is the noise the canopy makes. The V2 canopy was almost silent whereas the V4 is very stiff to pull open and makes so much noise I can't use it at all once the baby's asleep. I have to predict when she's going to fall asleep and open the canopy before she does.
The Nipper doesn't come with a shopping basket, only a mesh pouch on the back of the seat. This is more than enough for the raincover and a few essentials but I wish it had a real shopping basket too. The one you can buy extra is an odd shape and sadly very hard to access.
The seat back is just as low as it has always been, leg room isn't great for older toddlers either. I do wish Out'n'About changed something about that in the future especially given the high weight limit.
The push of the Nipper is still just as amazing though and it's why the Nipper is so special!

I wrote a review of the Nipper V2 and you can find it here.

The single Nipper can be used as a travel system.


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