Friday, 8 January 2016

iCandy Apple 2 Pear single

iCandy Apple 2 Pear is a convertible pushchair which can be used from birth to toddler for one or 2 babies. This is the new version of the old Apple that could be turned into a Pear. 
I always loved the look of all the iCandy pushchairs and this too looks great. 
I didn't keep the Apple 2 Pear long as it didn't work for me but here's a quick overview of this pushchair.

  • canopy can be changed for a different colour when you're bored :)
  • seat unit and carrycot seem very comfortable for little ones
  • good quality easy to adjust harness
  • easy to use brake even though it does look a little old fashioned
  • good size basket
  • handlebar adjusts to suit even the tallest parents
  • can be turned into a tandem pushchair for 2 children of different ages or twins.
  • 2 hand recline on the seat
  • small front wheels get stuck in some places
  • no real suspension makes the whole pushchair very rattly and bumpy, I could feel all vibrations through the handlebar
  • very large and somewhat heavy when folded
  • front chrome plate scratches very easily due to how the pushchair folds and looks unsightly
  • no bumper bar
  • expensive accessories.


Unknown said...

Can I ask why this didn't work for you? Thanks xx

Milena Jaros said...

Hi, my main issue was with the noisy and rattly wheels, my daughter tried to nap in the seat once and she kept waking up, that was while walking on a normal pavement at a slow speed.

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