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Concord Reverso - review

Concord Reverso is an i-Size tested group 0+/1 car seat which means it can be used from birth until the child is 105 cm tall with a maximum weight limit of 23 kg. Yes this may sound strange if you've done any research into ISOFIX and car seats using it. ISOFIX points can take 33 kg weight limit on them and most ISOFIX car seats weigh around 14/15 kg which leaves 18 kg for the child weight. Concord have done something fantastic here and made the Reverso super light at just 10 kg and thanks to that the Reverso can take more child weight! Great news for parents of heavier toddlers!

Concord Reverso looked fantastic in photos and I wasn't disappointed when I unpacked it. It looked very well made with nicely padded fabrics. I wasn't too sure about the newborn insert but I haven't had a chance to try it out as my baby was 9 months old already. One thing to note is that the insert can only be used until the baby is 60 cm long which means some babies will outgrow it rather quickly. When I tried my 9 month old in the Reverso I found she needed the headrest on the lowest position and the straps were barely at the right height for her. I honestly can't see a younger baby using this car seat between the time they outgrow the newborn insert and the time they're tall enough to have the headrest at the right level. 
On the other hand I was very pleasantly surprised to see my 105 cm tall 4 year old fitted in the seat beautifully. He had no room to grow but he was also at the max height.
After a quick look at the manual I went to try the Reverso in one of our cars. I found it very easy and straightforward to install but again a disappointment came when I noticed how upright the Reverso was on max recline. The recline is done by adjusting the leg support and there's very little difference between the upright and reclined positions. This means that if your vehicle seats are even slightly sloped or the ISOFIX points are set low on the vehicle seats the Reverso remains very upright in the car. This was the same in both our cars.
One thing to note is what may surprise some parents and that is the 3 point harness. They're pretty common in infant car seats but not in group 1. The Reverso harness is kind of brilliant and you lengthen and shorten not the shoulder straps but the buckle! This means as the child grows the buckle 'grows' with them and is always at the right level on their tummies. It also means little Houdinis won't be able to get their arms out of the shoulder straps!
I absolutely loved the Reverso. I'd definitely use it for an older toddler who rarely sleeps in the car. Right now I'm hoping that either Concord changes something to make the recline better on the next version of the Reverso or that our next car has more car seat friendly seats so I can buy another one!

Please take a look at the Concord website for more details.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had read this earlier. Bought the reverso because of the good reviews and safety blabla, but my LO hates it because it is too upright and he can not sleep in it. If its a very long drive he does fall asleep eventually, and his head is just hanging here, chin on his knees. It looks very uncomfortable and we regret buying this seat.

Milena Jaros said...

I'm sorry to hear that. The only thing that I can suggest is trying to return the seat or exchange for another if the shop agrees that it's not suitable for your little one or maybe buying another seat to get you through that stage until the baby grows a bit and can use the reverso safely (not ideal financially obviously). A lot of isofix rear facing seats have poor recline position so the reverso isn't the only one. It took me nearly a year to find a seat suitable for our baby and our car. I hope you find a solution. All the best!

FrustratedUSmama said...

I'm in the US so I don't have the option of physically getting to check this seat out and taking the measurements to see if this seat would work for my 17 month old. She has a long torso and seated height, so I need the top harness height and top seat back/shell height in order to determine if she would have enough room to grow to make it worth spending the ~$500 to order it on We had a Maxi Cosi Pebble with an EasyBase2 that my aunt in law brought over on the plane for us, but her shoulders went above the top harness position at 13 months. We've been stuck with an American seat since then and it is a SERIOUS pain in the butt for me to use! Her dad CAN'T figure out the awful harness in it for anything! These American seats are SO overcomplicated and such a sad/bad joke by comparison to the ECE seats! Our standards here are absolutely dismal, just apalling! We both REALLY miss the AMAZING Euro harness design, and we just bought our first LATCH/ISOFIX equipped car today, so I'm reading through every review I can find of this cool seat to find the pertinent info! We could never consider either the 2WayPearl or the Reverso before today so we're kind of excited! So, could you possibly, pretty please, take the measurements of the top harness height and top internal seat back height and post them here??? Your help would be very greatly appreciated!

Milena Jaros said...

Hi, unfortunately I'm going to be no help at all as I don't have the measurements and I returned the seat after trying it as it wasn't suitable for my little one. Also just in case you're not aware, EU seats are illegal to use in the US. Your cars and LATCH system differ to the EU ones and I'd highly recommend getting a good US seat instead. I know The car seat lady is very knowledgeable and can probably help you find something good for you little one.

Stefano said...

Hi, I just bought the Reverso Plus for my 3 month old baby and I find it great. My wife is a bit concerned with having our son rear facing when he will want to talk to us. However we both agree that safety comes first! We will buy a mirror for the back headrest anyway.
I also expected the seat to be more reclined (we have a C3 Picasso MPV), however our baby seems very comfortable and could easily sleep while his head never fell (he's 6Kg and 62cm). I'm only a bit concerned with the strain on his young spine due to the upright-ish posture. Anyway, I guess that's a concern only for long trips and taking a break every couple of hours should help.
Concerning the buckle, you say that it can be adjusted to stay on the tummy, however from what I can see it will always stay high, more at the chest level, since the shoulder straps are of fixed length.

Milena Jaros said...

Hi Stefano, I think the buckle will be high on a young child like yours. The mirror helps a lot, we find them invaluable. Neither of my children weren't bothered that they couldn't see us and they chatted away like they normally do so you shouldn't worry about the speech aspect :) Frequent brakes on long drives are always a good idea even for adults so yes definitely do that with a young baby. Safe travels!

PlaytoStudy said...

hi, we have a 3 year old who is 102 cm and there's very little legroom for her. looking at your son in the seat i can't see where his legs would go when the seat is actually fitted in a car. Has anyoe else used this up to the full 105cm height limit

Milena Jaros said...

Hi, most children cross their legs when rear facing with little space between the car seat and vehicle seat. My son did that in his joie stages. We never used the reverso for him so can't comment whether he'd be able to do that here or now.

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