Sunday, 24 January 2016

Britax Advansafix II Sict

  1. Harness protection for longer – 5-point harness until 25 kg
  2. Optimal lap belt positioning - with our latest technology SecureGuard (patent pending) when using the 3-point seat belt
  3. Side impact protection - deep, softly padded side wings and SICT technology, removable to use only on the side closest to the door
  4. Ultimate installation for all ages - ISOFIT+ with V-Tether and 3-point seat belt
  5. Smooth comfort – multi-position recline for all ages
  6. Easy adjustment – height adjustable headrest, harness with one-handed adjustment
  7. Practicality in mind - quick-remove cover, no need to remove harness

We've been using the Advansafix II Sict for a few weeks now. Having used the older model Advansafix for nearly a year, we were very excited to see the changes Britax made to the new one. The additional side impact protection, SecureGuard for use as a high back booster are 2 more reasons for choosing the Advasanfix II Sict over its competition. The Advansafix and now Advansafix II Sict are two of just three 'regular' car seats on the European market that can be used with the harness over 18 kg. There are special needs car seats that cater for heavier and older children but they're very expensive. The Advansafix II Sict provides parents with the piece of mind that their child is safe and comfortable during car journeys. One thing I've been asked over the last few weeks is whether the harness height has been changed on the new Advansafix II Sict but sadly that is not the case. The top harness position is the same as on the older Advansafix and with a small amount of pressure in the seat I'm measuring it to be 41 cm. My son is 4y5m now and about 107 cm tall but only 17 kg in weight. I've just put the harness onto the highest position so there's not much growing room. We haven't had a chance to use the Advansafix II Sict as a high back booster yet but having the SecureGuard makes me less weary about it. I know Jacob will be kept safe and in the right position in the seat thanks to that new piece of technology from Britax! I will update the post once Jacob's outgrown the harness and to let you all know about using the Advansafix II Sict as a high back booster. Having tried my son in the Advansafix II Sict with SecureGuard and 3-point seat belt I can already tell that the most important thing - lap belt position - is great. Thanks to the SecureGuard I know the lap belt will stay in place even if my son tries to move around and he'll feel a bit more secure as it reminds him of the harness buckle. I also really like that the Advansafix II Sict has a fantastic recline that can be used in all modes! I'm actually looking forward to our next road trip as I know Jacob will be comfortable and safe!

It's very important to remember that your car needs to be on the Britax' vehicle compatibility list to be able to use the Advansafix II Sict. The list can be found here.

For more information and a list of stockists please visit Britax Advansafix II Sict.

Please scroll down to watch instructional videos.

Britax Romer Advansafix II Sict, £220

New Britax SecureGuard

Side impact protection

Instructional video for group 1/2

Instructional video for group 3

Removing the harness

SecureGuard from Britax

Britax Advansafix II Sict (left) and Britax Advansafix (right)

Have a look on my previous post for more information about the Britax Advansafix.

My son has now outgrown the harness on the Advansafix II Sict. He's 4y8m. You can read more about it here.

Huge thank you to Britax for sending us their Advansafix II Sict for the purpose of this review. 


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