Friday, 15 January 2016

Britax Advansafix

Britax Advansafix is a group 1-2-3 car seat which means it can be used from 9-36 kg or from 9 months till 12 years. The Advansafix is a fantastic seat for parents who are looking to harness their children longer until 25 kg. Some children outgrow the standard group 1 seats before they're old enough to use a high back booster and this is the solution. From the moment I saw the Advansafix I knew it would be a good idea for us to keep my son safe and sound. We've had it for a year now and absolutely love it! At first I was a bit hesitant about the fitting as I never used a Top Tether before but after going through the manual and watching the instructional video on Britax' website I was good to go. After a couple of tries I pretty much mastered the installation and it only takes a couple of minutes now! When correctly fitted the Advansafix is impossible to move in the car. It's rock solid! The Advansafix uses the ISOFIX points, top tether and seat belt in all configurations plus the 5 point harness from 9-25 kg or until the child outgrows it by height. This is where the Advansafix could be improved as the top harness position isn't that high and so it will be hard to keep the child in it until the suggested 6 years or 25 kg. My son is now 4y5m and has one more harness height setting to grow into. I can only guess how long it will take for Jacob to outgrow the harness but I will update the post when he does. He's 107 cm tall now but only weighs 17 kg. One thing other than safety that is great with the Advansafix is child comfort, we've done some very long trips with Jacob in it and he's always been comfortable. The recline is also fantastic for a younger child, my son doesn't seem to need it as he's so well supported by the headrest.
The Advansafix can be used as a high back booster once the child outgrows the harness. We haven't had a chance to use it in this mode yet so it's hard to comment on what's it like. 
The Advansafix can only be used in cars that are on Britax' fitting list and can only be bought in store to avoid misfitting and misuse. Please go to for details and vehicle compatibility list.
Please note I do not recommend this seat (or any other forward facing seat) to be used from the minimum age of 9 months. It's far safer for children to travel rear facing as long as possible. It's a good idea to max out the infant car seat first before looking at next stage car seat. We bought this seat when our son outgrew his rear facing seat at 3.5 years. Another thing to note is that the lowest harness position may be too high for smaller/younger children. I tried my baby in the Advansafix at 9 months/9 kg out of curiosity and the harness was too high for her. She only just fitted in at 13 months.

We're now proud owners of the newest model Advansafix II Sict and if you keep an eye on the blog you'll be able to read my review on that later this month. 


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