Sunday, 6 December 2015

Stokke Trailz - review

Stokke Trailz is the newest addition to the Stokke family of pushchairs. It's marketed as an all terrain pushchair. The frame is very similar to that on the Crusi but without the ability to turn into a double pushchair and with a rotating handlebar and all terrain wheels. The seat unit is the same for all 3 Stokke models (Xplory, Crusi and Trailz). In an ideal world you could buy the seat unit and 2/3 frames to suit your lifestyle, for example have the Trailz as a walking/off road pushchair and a Crusi for shopping :)
I bought the Trailz as an all terrain pushchair and thought it would tick all my boxes with the large seat, shopping basket and off road wheels/suspension. Unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations. Here's my list of pros and cons..

- very good size air filled tyres
- large seat that can be used from birth all the way to 4 years
- large shopping basket
- ability to use a carrycot and car seat on the same frame
- height adjustable handlebar.

- expensive
- huge, tall pushchair, feels like a tank when you're in a small space like a local shop
- doesn't handle rough terrain easily, suspension is too soft, front wheels get stuck everywhere
- heavy to push
- heavy to steer, take corners, veers on a slope
- unstable on slopes and uneven terrains
- if using a non Stokke car seat with adapters the Trailz becomes even more tippy on regular surfaces, I'd stay clear of using these adapters for safety of the child as they bring the car seat even higher from the ground than the seat unit and put the weight of the baby forward over the front wheels
- no calf support when seat is reclined and no leg support at all for small babies
- wide handlebar that doesn't feel comfortable particularly when pushing with one hand
- very shallow and open shopping basket
- unsafe harness, crotch strap is one of the longest I've seen and is non adjustable, it barely fitted my 4 year old, shoulder straps too long on shortest setting for a 7 month old baby, not sure on how the harness fits with the newborn insert but there will always be a time when the baby outgrows the insert and is too small for the seat with this type of a harness
- fixed bumper bar
- poor quality considering the price, plastics feel cheap and scratch very easily, foam on handlebar easy to tear as it's too soft
- seat is left unprotected when off the frame, will scratch and get dirty easily if placed on the ground
- 2 part fold with multiple steps
- no lock to keep the frame from unfolding.

Stokke Trailz was supposed to be my dream perfect pushchair, it turned out one of the biggest and most expensive mistakes I've made. I have to be honest with you as it is one of the priciest prams on the UK market. The quality doesn't even begin to match that price. My biggest issues were the push and the harness that is simply unsafe. I was very disappointed in the fold. It takes a few steps and the folded size is still massive. I can't even imagine the size of a car boot you'd need if you were using the carrycot (one of the largest on the market). There's no lock to keep the frame folded and as you lift it up it slides open so you have to put it down and try again. The push is far too heavy and the pushchair is unstable on uneven terrains or sloped pavements.

I know I keep mentioning the price but it's one of the crucial factors when buying a pushchair so lets take a quick look at the cost of buying a Trailz for a newborn:
Stokke Trailz chassis - £590
Stokke seat unit - £349
Stokke Trailz carrycot - £269
Stokke izi Go car seat by BeSafe - £195
or Stokke izi Sleep car seat by BeSafe with lie flat position - £269
Stokke footmuff - £99
Stokke changing bag - £99.
There are also blankets, summer and winter kits and parasols to choose from.

If you choose the carrycot and car seat option with footmuff for the Trailz it will cost you a staggering £1500! It's also surprising how little value the Trailz holds if you look at preloved models. Stokke are one of the few brands that allow you to transfer warranty on their products and yet the Trailz sells for very little second hand.


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