Sunday, 6 September 2015

Nuna Sena
travel cot

The day we had to remove the bassinet as baby learned to stand up :)

Nuna Sena is one of the best travel cots on the market. It folds in a flash with just one hand even with the bassinet still on! Folded size is pretty much standard and there's a travel bag to transport it easily. Nuna Sena is very easy to unfold. It comes with the newborn bassinet which brings the baby up higher. Nuna Sena is not a regular size travel cot, it's similar in size to playpens, more square than rectangular. The Sena is one of our best buys for the baby even though we don't travel much and use it as a playpen all the time. It was our baby's bed for daytime naps when she was a newborn. Now the baby is 10 months old she uses it as playpen and she still loves it. 

This is my own travel cot.


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