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CYBEX PRIAM - review

CYBEX PRIAM is a luxury pushchair and the newest addition to the CYBEX family. I've waited for what seemed like the longest time to try this beauty out and so was very excited when I saw the red Parcel Force van pull into the driveway :)

The PRIAM came in 2 boxes, one with the frame and wheels in and one with the seat unit inside. Unpacking and assembly couldn't be easier. Everything just clicks into place. As soon as it was up I couldn't help but stare at it as it's so beautiful! 

The PRIAM can be used with either the Lux Seat that you can see here or with the 2-in-1 seat. There's also a luxurious carrycot and car seat options. The Lux seat is very well padded and lies completely flat and is a very good size. My son is 4 and fits in it although he has no room to grow headwise. The PRIAM has a weight limit of 17kg which is very generous. The seat can be parent of world facing. There's a gate opening, removable bumper bar that can be left on for folding. The harness is easy to adjust and the buckle seems very sturdy. The seat has multiple recline positions and the recline is done with just one hand.

The PRIAM has a leatherette handlebar that feels great to the touch. It can be adjusted in height by pressing in the central button.

The sun canopy is extendable and exactly the right size to shade and protect the baby.

The shopping basket can only be accessed from the back. There's no other way to get to it and so you need to think how you're packing it as you need to take things out to reach whatever's in the front. The basket needs to be empty for folding and ideally for the 2-wheel mode as well as I've had things fall out of it. The shopping basket is deceptively large and will hold lots of things as long as it's packed right.

The rear wheels are huge but very slim, the front wheels are tiny in comparison. All 4 are hard rubber wheels which means no worrying about punctures. There's suspension on the front wheels.

The PRIAM can be used in 2-wheel mode by pressing 2 silver buttons in the middle of the inside of the frame. This is done very easily and can be useful on more challenging terrains like the beach or woods. The PRIAM is to me a city pram with the tiny front wheels but the ability to put it in the 2-wheel mode makes it much better than other similar luxury pushchairs. If you can't push it you can certainly pull it! 

The brake is situated in the middle of the rear axle and is a step on - step off brake. It's very easy to apply and disengage and does the job well.

The raincover is included with the PRIAM and is of very high quality, I like how simple it is to just throw it over the seat without struggling in the rain.

The PRIAM folds easily with one hand. It can be folded with the seat in place when world facing, you just need to close it in on itself. The folded size is not the most compact and it takes quite a lot of space in the boots of our cars. I kind of wish the handlebar would go slightly lower to make it more compact. There's no automatic or even a manual lock to keep the PRIAM folded. I struggled with lifting it into the boot as it kept unfolding on its own. I also couldn't make it to freestand when folded as the front wheels would slide away. I really wish there was a way of keeping it folded securely.

The PRIAM has surprised me with how easy it is to use. All the buttons, recline, wheel attachment work without any problems. The quality is certainly one of the best all round. 

The PRIAM is a very very light pushchair to push. Being a city pram it handles beautifully on smooth surfaces, even pavements etc. I had a bit of a trouble from the front wheels on very uneven pavements where the front wheels would start to rattle. The PRIAM goes over short grass with ease but can get stuck in longer grass, uneven paths as the front wheels are so small. To be honest I couldn't feel the suspension on the front wheels. It's quite a hard ride on uneven surfaces and the rear wheels don't cushion the ride at all. The PRIAM is easy to push one handed as long as it's not on a slope as it has a tendency to veer towards the road. 

There's quite a bit of movement in the handlebar/upper part of the frame. You don't feel it much when pushing unless going up hills but it's there. I'm not really keen on this and prefer more sturdy frames.

We took the PRIAM to Knole Park here in Sevenoaks and up steep and very challenging paths. It was easy to push on grass and it even handled a bit of sand without issues. I put it into 2-wheel mode to get back up the hill and it was super easy to pull behind. The rear wheels are made for this! I have to say my baby didn't really enjoy it as even with the seat on mid-recline she was mostly being held by the harness. I think the 2-in-1 bucket type seat would be more suitable for the 2-wheel mode to provide the child with more comfort and security. We also took the PRIAM to the beach in Eastbourne. Again I put the Priam into 2-wheel mode but I struggled with pulling it behind as the pebbles where so big. Honestly I struggled with walking there myself and quickly returned to the pavement. 

Overall the PRIAM hasn't failed me. We took it with us everywhere and truly enjoyed using it. The seat is incredibly comfortable and well padded for the baby. It's also the right height to be used as a high chair which is very helpful. The sun canopy is perfect on those sunny days. The shopping basket is great for those who like long days out and not having to carry loads on their backs like me. The push is fantastic on most surfaces and the ability to use it in 2-wheel mode makes it a go-anywhere pram. The cons for me are the tiny front wheels, no lock to keep it folded and movement in the handlebar. The PRIAM is to me the most beautiful pushchair on the market and I feel that CYBEX really did a fabulous job with their first luxury pushchair! 

PRIAM, £510
Lux Seat, £280
Cloud Q, £220
Carrycot, £250  
2 in 1 Light Seat, £340

CYBEX stockist details: and available in major nursery retailers.

Please have a look here for lots more photos of the PRIAM.

I was sent the PRIAM for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the detailed review Milena!! Do you have any idea how this would compare to the Bugaboo Cameleon and/or Uppababy Vista?
I've been struggling with stroller choice for a while now, and these are my top 3. To be honest after your review I'm slightly less enthusiastic about the Priam, but I guess there is just no such thing as perfection.

Milena Jaros said...

Hi, I always say that choosing a pram is a very personal thing, what works for one family may be a terrible idea for another. I've had a Bugaboo Cameleon 2 and 3 and 2 UPPAbaby Vistas. Between these 3 the PRIAM has the most positives for me. I think the Vista has a great seat and shopping basket but the chassis, wheels and lack of suspension let it down. The Cameleon is a very urban pushchair with a small seat and hard to access shopping basket. The 2 wheel mode on the Cameleon is a nightmare in my opinion.. If you have a retailer near you who stocks all 3, it would be best to go and have a play with all of them. Put a heavy bag in the seat/carrycot and drive them around the store, see how they fold etc. Hope you can find THE ONE :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Milena - as much as I wanted to love the Vista, I just can't get over how huge and ugly it is. And the suspension issues just add to that (I found your detailed review of it from a couple of years ago and while we live in a more urban area than you it became pretty clear that with that kind of performance it will not be a good fit).
Also they keep positioning it as such a great deal due to the rumble seat, but two kids in a Vista seems like a total nightmare to me.

The Bug has always been my dream stroller till I actually started digging deeper of course! The two piece fold is killing me, not to mention how low it is. And yeah, beach mode is such a gimmick - give me one piece fold and a peekaboo window PLEASE.
Any experience with the Buffalo? In the store it seemed heavier and handled worse than the Vista, but maybe it would have better suspension on terrain...
So I think the short list is now Cam3, maybe Buffalo and Priam. Sigh.

Sorry for rambling like a crazy person. This has been such a frustrating journey so far, but your advice is really helpful!

Milena Jaros said...

The Buffalo is still on my wish list, as far as I know it's heavier to push than the Cameleon3 but shouldn't be too bad. What bothers me is the seat is shallower than the Cam3 and the hood is sat really low on the seat so the child's head will rest on it far too quickly. I do love the big basket and the wheels though :)

Roz Goodgame TheFoodieCoupleBlog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roz Goodgame TheFoodieCoupleBlog said...

thanks for this review - can i ask what car you have? my main concern after reading reviews in the size!

Milena Jaros said...

The photo that you can see above was in my Seat Toledo 2013 hatchback before it was written off :( fantastic boot space that I miss.. but I had the PRIAM in our BMW 5 series F10 saloon as well and it fitted perfectly with lots of room to spare.

Unknown said...

Hi Milena, thanks for the review. What is your experience with Cybex Priam after few months? Are you still statisfied? (we are thinking on cybex/indy/bugaboo) regards, Zita

Milena Jaros said...

Hello Zita, unfortunately I only had the PRIAM for 3 weeks for the purpose of this review so I can't answer your question. I do know the quality of all CYBEX pushchairs and car seats is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Milena, which did you prefer between the Cybex Priam and Balios M? We like them both but trying to be practical price wise too. Thanks

Milena Jaros said...

The Balios M was better for us but it's a very personal choice and I always suggest trying both out in store if you have that option :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. We don't have a stockist nearby that stocks the Balios M but with both your reviews and the fact that the Balios folds and locks, this is the front runner in terms of functionality for us. You can't help but love the Priam as it is gorgeous but it does have a few shortcomings. Think we may have a winner :)

Milena Jaros said...

To be honest, whichever one you'll go for you won't regret it. All the new CYBEXes are fantastic! :)

Maham Khalid said...

Thank you for the amazing review Milena! I'm trying to decide between the Bugaboo Chameleon and the priam. Which of these would you recommend from your personal experience?
And would you say that these two strollers would be convenient to use for travel?

Milena Jaros said...

They're both high end pushchairs and both are stunning in my opinion. I think the PRIAM would work a little better for travelling as it folds in one with the seat unit. Other than that they're both great and it will be a very personal choice. I'd try them both out if you have a chance and go with the one that feels better for you. I don't think you can go wrong with either :)

read full article said...

A great ride for him. Feel like a rider. :) Good comfort for him.

Anonymous said...

Good review:) I must admit I couldn't choose between these two.

Cybex Priam has all terrain front wheels that would work better than the light ones you had.
personally I love the Priam's look! It is absolutely stunning and can't be compared with ugly Cam. I also don't like bucket seats, I just don't. Priam is a proper pram, seat is high, big, comfy for child, footrest is reclining and I think this is a huge plus.
Cam on the other hand is much more fun to have, you can change colour whenever you want:) That's a big plus. Handle is wobbly, that's a defo minus for me-same problems with Bee3 I currently have.
Overall, I think I'll buy Priam for all the reasons above.


Magdolna Katalin Ottó said...

Hi Milena, thanks for the review. I would like to ask you if you had any problems with the wobbly seats? As I tried out the strollers (Cybex or other brand) in the shops I realized that those with changeable seat, the seat is quite wobbly. I guess it is due to the fact that it is only fixed at one point (1-on each side).
Can you please comment on this?

Thank you! Magdi

Milena Jaros said...

Hi Magdolna, yes I found all reversible seats have some movement in them, the PRIAM is no exception but it didn't bother me like some others I've had.

Anna said...

Really great information - thanks so much.

I have my eye on the balios. Will be using on grass for dog walks, do you think the balios will be suitable for this?

Also, is the carry cot an absolute must for newborns?

And one last question - are you able to buy adapters to fit a maxi cosi car seat to it?

Sorry to bother you - I just haven't been able to track down certainties to these queries!

Thsnks so much.

Milena Jaros said...

Hi Anna, yes the balios would be suitable for some off road walks, even though it's not a proper all terrain pushchair. I took mine absolutely everywhere and apart from being a bit bumpy it didn't stop going. Yes you definitely need a carrycot or a lie flat car seat for a newborn. If you're not keen on the carrycot, the Cybex Cloud Q car seat lies flat when out of the car. The Balios comes with adapters that are suitable for both carrycot and Cybex car seats. I'm not sure about Maxi Cosi although they are suppose to be universal so you'd need to check before buying to make sure.
Thank you for reading and all the best!

Anna said...

Thank you - that's really helpful.

Tainã said...

Hello Milena, thank you for your review, it was very helpful! Can you help me with 2 questions, please? in relation to the difficulties you had in irregular terrain, do you believe that the option of putting the big wheels (using the front wheel adapter ) would solve? Are you still satisfied after all this time, have you had any problems? Thank you very much.

Milena Jaros said...

Hi Taina, thank you for your comment. I only had the PRIAM for a few weeks review. I found it was very easy to pull it on the rear wheels over uneven terrain but obviously not ideal. I know that CYBEX sells a front wheel kit but I'm not sure how it works, whether you just swap rear wheels with front ones? If that's the case then I know I found this option impossible in a Bugaboo Cameleon3 so I doubt I'd want it in the CYBEX, if it's a different adapter than it might as well work but I haven't seen it in real life. If you get in touch with CYBEX I'm sure they can explain how the front wheel adapter works. Thanks. Milena

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