Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dooky shade

Dooky shade is a versatile sun cover that you can attach to prams, strollers and car seats to provide the baby with some much needed protection from the sun/light. I found it fantastic when used on the carrycot as it meant my baby could nap without being disturbed. Dooky sun shade is adjustable in height, you can roll it up and use velcro to keep it in the right position. It's not perfect as you can't easily check on the baby and it may not fit all pushchairs but I'm really happy to have found it!

This is my own Dooky shade.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sophie le Giraffe teether

Sophie le giraffe is one of the most popular teether toys in the world! I have to say the only reason why I bought it was to see what all the fuss was about :) Well Sophie is a very cute teether and it certainly seems to entertain my baby, she doesn't really use teethers but she likes to cuddle Sophie a lot. I bought a special strap to keep it in place when out and about and Sophie has been everywhere with us. The rubber toy feels very nice to the touch, it's just the right size for little hands to hold and it's easy to keep clean. I'm still unsure whether it's worth the high price tag but seeing my baby happily playing with it makes it a lot easier to bare.

You can purchase one from all major retailers, for example Jojo Maman Bebe online store if you click here.

This is our own toy.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

There's no hiding this beauty. Look at what finally arrived for a review...

The CYBEX PRIAM is here!

We're putting it through the toughest test of all as the PRIAM joins us on our summer trips.

Keep an eye on the blog for my full review.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Mamas&Papas Parents to be event

Mini Master Classes for Parents to Be
Mamas & Papas launch ‘Parents to Be’ – a series of free in-store mini master classes on everything from car seat safety to finding the perfect pushchair

When you’re expecting a baby, there’s a lot of advice to sift through. Whether it’s parenting manuals or Auntie Jean’s miracle cure for morning sickness; it can feel a little overwhelming. Our Parents to Be event is designed to simplify things for expectant parents; offering friendly, unbiased advice to help you figure it out.
The event takes place on Sunday 16th August, from 10:00am until midday, and features everything from car seat demonstrations and hints on finding a pushchair, to first aid advice from the Red Cross and tips from healthcare professionals.  

Customers will have the opportunity to meet and chat with other expectant parents, while the Mamas & Papas team will be on hand to answer any questions and offer one-to-one expert advice on the topics discussed (or any other subjects).

There’s also exclusive discounts, a free goody bag* and nibbles and drinks on arrival.

Parents to Be is free to attend, but places are limited - customers can book their places online at  

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

UPPAbaby Vista 
with a younger child in the seat unit

I felt my 8 month old wasn't supported enough in the seat but UPPAbaby sell a Snugseat insert with head hugger for smaller babies and I'd definitely buy one for the Vista.

The harness can be adjusted to fit a small child which is very important to me

Adding a wool liner helped lots and she was much more comfortable

This is my own pushchair.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Baby Jogger City Select vs. CYBEX Balios M
- photos

Please note these photos are for illustration purposes only.
Click here for my full review of the Balios M.
Click here for a short review of the City Select.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Quinny Buzz Xtra 3 - 2014 model

Firstly, let me say that the Quinny Buzz Xtra that you see here is the 2014 model. This was a major update from the older Buzz. It has an all terrain air filled tyres at the front instead of foam wheels, deeper shopping basket (not by much!) and an extendable sun canopy. There's been some changes to the 2015 model though, one of them is the new fold. The 2015 Buzz Xtra folds using levers on the sides of the handlebar like the Moodd and looks to be a lot easier than the old Buzz and Buzz Xtra 2014. Unfortunately another change is the non adjustable leg rest which is a huge disappointment for me as I absolutely love the one on the 2014 model! Please bring the leg rest adjustment back Quinny!

Now for the details. The Quinny Buzz Xtra or older Buzz is one of the most popular pushchairs in the UK. I've seen so many of them in my 4 years of pram pushing that I always wanted to try one and see what they were like. 
What surprised me the most was the seat unit. Now you can of course buy a carrycot to use the Buzz Xtra from birth but it actually comes with a newborn insert that allows you to use the seat from birth. This is great as many babies aren't keen on lying flat all the time and not being able to look around them! 
The seat unit is very well padded but what is so special about it is how fantastic it is for a young baby and how well it suits an older child. My baby is 8 months old here and I found that she's still at that age where bucket type seats don't offer her the support she needs. No problems here! The Buzz Xtra seat cocoons her and makes her super comfortable! My older son is nearly 4 (in 2 weeks!) and over the weight limit (just a little) and he fits in the seat as well. This is a huge surprise as I always heard the Buzz' seat was on the small side. He fits with room to spare and was the most comfortable I've seen him in a long time. His legs were beautifully supported and he asked to stay in the Buzz while he finished playing on his tablet. This says a lot about the comfort of the Buzz Xtra to me. Another thing is that the sun canopy can be slided up the frame of the seat to allow more head room. Huge bonus for tall toddlers who still need a ride and a bit of shade/protection from elements!
The Buzz Xtra has an adjustable 5 point harness with shoulder and crotch pads for comfort. I found the harness to be impossible to adjust tight enough for the baby though, there was still a bit more room in the shoulder straps then I'd prefer. 
As mentioned before the old Buzz and the Buzz Xtra 2014 models have adjustable leg rests that are fantastic for little ones. I really wish Quinny had kept this feature on the newest model.
The sun canopy was always a good size on the Buzz but the Buzz Xtra was given an extension to the hood. When unzipped it shades the baby very well but you can no longer see the baby as they take a nap and you need to lift the extension up to check on them as there's no viewing window.
The Buzz Xtra comes with a gate opening bumper bar that is perfectly positioned for the child to hold on to.
The Buzz Xtra has 5 recline positions as did the older models. There's 3 positions forward facing and only 2 parent facing. I really wish Quinny changes this in the future as I really can't see why the seat can't go all the way upright when parent facing.
I have to say the recline buttons need some work. It's always a bit awkward to recline any seat with 2 buttons and the Buzz Xtra is no exception. What's worse you need to find a way to do it that suits you on this particular pushchair as there's simply not enough room for hands to push the recline buttons in and hold the seat at the same time. For example I could only manage to recline the seat from the front of the pushchair when the seat was parent facing. 
The Buzz Xtra has an adjustable handlebar that is very comfortable to hold. There's a bit of movement in the frame/handlebar but it's not excessive.
The Buzz Xtra has a deeper shopping basket then the older models. I have to say that it's still a very small and very shallow basket. It barely holds anything especially with the frame getting in the way. With the raincover in, there's only enough space left for a bottle of water. It's a struggle not to lose things and it's not a pushchair that you want to go grocery shopping with unless you don't mind carrying all the bags by yourself.  
It's a surprisingly compact pushchair when folded and very easy to lift. The unfold is simply brilliant. Very similar to the Moodd, it unfolds by undoing the automatic lock and guiding the frame up until it locks into position. There's barely anything to do! The fold on this 2014 model and older Buzz takes some practice but it's not difficult at all. It's best to do it from the front of the pushchair.
The UK model of the Buzz Xtra can only be bought as a 3 wheeler. There is a 4 wheel adapter that can be bought separately but it's the old foam wheels and not the new all terrain air filled tyres. This is a huge disappointment as the rest of Europe has the 4 wheel version available as standard. 
The push is where I hoped the Buzz Xtra would excel and it did to some extend. I found it very nimble and extremely easy to steer on even surfaces but the wide rear wheels (64cm) combined with the double front wheel made the Buzz Xtra one of the tippiest pushchairs I've had. It was tippy on uneven pavements, slope and on grass. Even though it was light to push one handed I had no choice but to use both hands for the safety of my baby. It became to much of a safety issue for me to keep the Buzz Xtra even though I loved most of it's features. I really think that the 4 wheel adapter would make a world of difference but I'd need the European all terrain 4 wheels for that. 
The massive pros for the Buzz Xtra are the super comfortable seat that will last from birth to toddler, great sun protection and light push. The cons are the tiny, shallow shopping basket and how easy to tip it is.

This was my pushchair and all opinions are my own.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Jane Trider

Decent size parent and forward facing seat with 3 position recline

The Trider takes Jane car seats and carrycots 
without the use of any adapters thanks to ProFix system.

Medium size canopy

One hand recline on top of the seat and a very small basket 
that barely holds the huge when folded raincover

10 inch solid wheels

Height adjustable handlebar with an easy to use handbrake

Folds with seat in place parent or forward facing. It's a very large fold and pretty much fills the boot of a very large hatchback. Will freestand when folded which is useful for storage at home.

Adjustable leg rest and swing away bumper bar

There's suspension that can be adjusted as the baby grows but the Trider was a surprisingly bumpy and uncomfortable to push. 
Due to the high position of the seat and the fact the Trider is a 3 wheeler I found it very tippy.

Footmuff that can be bought separately is very good size and very cosy!

Unfortunately I found a huge safety issue with the Trider's harness. This is my large 7,5 month old in the seat unit. The seat is suitable from 6 months but the harness on the shortest setting was far too big for my baby. The crotch strap can't be adjusted and is very long, this would probably be a good size for a 3 year old but not for a young baby! Jane really failed here as I feared for my baby's safety!  

Lowest and shortest setting of the shoulder straps.

Non adjustable crotch strap.

This was my own pushchair. I sadly cannot recommend it to anyone with a young baby due to the harness issue! It might be better for older/larger toddlers though. 

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