Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bumbleride Indie 4

Bumbleride Indie 4 is a pushchair that I waited a long time to try. I absolutely loved our Indie 3 and was very keen on seeing what the Indie 4 would be like.
The Indie 4 I received is in my favourite colour Lotus Pink. I think this is the most stunning combination and it's even more beautiful in real life.

Since I already had an Indie 3 I knew the Indie 4 would need some assembly at first like attaching the rear axle. I was a little disappointed to see that the front wheels needed to be attached using an Allen key and a wrench or pliers. This just means that you won't be able to remove the front wheels easily for cleaning which is a bit of a pain as I clean my pushchairs very often. The rest of the assembly required far less skill and consisted of attaching the canopy to the seat unit or carrycot depending on which one you're using. The Indie 4 also comes with all the essentials like a raincover, bumper bar and even a tyre pump!

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the Indie 4 comes with the carrycot as standard. It's not just a soft cot like on some pushchairs. No, it's a full size, sturdy carrycot that can be easily collapsed for travelling or storage. It's a very good size, long, wide and deep enough to last the baby a lot longer than some carrycots I've seen. My baby was 7,5 months in the photos below. She's quite long and still has lots of room in the carrycot and is very happy to lay in it an relax on our walks. One thing I'm not sure about is the canopy It's the same canopy which is used on the seat but when it's on the carrycot it's quite high up and doesn't shade the baby well. I had to use the Dooky shade most of the time to protect the baby from the sun. I wish there was a pull out sun visor to help with the sun protection. The canopy works much better on the seat unit and that's how it would be used most of the time so it shouldn't be a problem.

The Indie 4 rolls on 4 air filled tyres, 12 inch rear wheels and 8.5 inch front wheels that can swivel or be locked straight. 
The brake is a foot brake, it's very easy to apply but can be a bit tricky to disengage if you're wearing flats or sandals. It does the job at keeping the pushchair still and safe and that's what's most important. 
The shopping basket is very large and easily fits all the baby essentials or shopping. It's only accessible from the rear but it's not an issue even with the seat fully reclined. 
The seat unit is a very good size and will last an average child until they no longer need a ride. My son is nearly 4 and still fits but only has about 2cm left of headroom under the sun canopy. The seat has a height adjustable 5-point harness with shoulder and buckle pads for the child's comfort. It's very easy to put it in the right position and tighten to fit the child. The seat is padded and seems very comfortable and supportive. The seat reclines almost flat by a strap and buckle at the back, it's not the most refined way and not my favourite but it works well. The seat also features an adjustable leg rest. 
The sun canopy is very good size and protects the child well. There's even a peek-a-boo window with magnetic opening (no velcro here!) so you can keep an eye on your child. 
The handlebar is covered in soft foam which is very nice to touch and to push. The handlebar can be adjusted in height to suit parents of all heights. 
The Indie 4 comes with a wrist safety strap as standard and this can be threaded through the middle part of the handlebar. I always recommend using safety straps especially on hills, train stations and by busy roads to prevent the pushchair from rolling away from you. I find these invaluable with an older toddler by my side.
The fold on the Indie 4 works exactly the same as the Indie 3. It's a matter of pulling 2 levers up near the handlebar to collapse the top part of the pushchair and then pulling on the strap under the seat to collapse the wheels. It takes seconds and if you push the handlebar down towards the wheels the 2 automatic lock will keep the Indie 4 folded. The Indie 4 weighs just under 10kg and is a doddle to lift and carry.

I've been using the Indie 4 for several weeks now and I found it a great pleasure to use. It's one of the most stylish all terrain pushchairs on the market and the bold combination of colours has attracted quite a bit of attention from passersby. My baby is still very young so she seemed to prefer the carrycot which is included with the Indie 4 but she was also happy to travel in the seat unit. The Indie 4 is fantastic to push over any terrains, it fares just as well in the woods as it does in a busy shopping centre. It simply glides along with very little effort on my part. I was pleasantly surprised at how stable it is without being heavy to push/steer. The 4 air filled wheels make the ride very smooth and my baby enjoyed many uninterrupted naps in the Indie 4. The quality, same as with the Indie 3, is outstanding. At £499 retail price the Indie 4 can rival almost anything on the market with it's all terrain capabilities and all the essentials included to make it an amazing from birth to toddler pushchair.

You can purchase your own Bumbleride from Baby-Luxe.

I'd like to thank Bumbleride and Little Saints for sending me the Bumleride Indie 4 for the purpose of the review. All opinions are as always my own.


bumbleride said...

Thank you for your great in-depth Indie 4 review Milena! Thanks for including photos and mentioning your favorite features. So great to hear you appreciated the air filled tires, light weight & style.

Milena Jaros said...

Both the Indie3 and Indie4 have made it onto my Top Pushchair list :) They're amazing! Well done Bumbleride!

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