Saturday, 20 June 2015

Phil&Teds Dot review

Phil&Teds Dot is a single to double pushchair. It can be a normal forward facing single or a tandem for 2 children. That's why I bought it. In my mind I needed a double pushchair for when the baby came. Unfortunately my older son didn't agree with me and ditched the whole pushchair thing before the baby was born :)
I used the P&T Dot as a single for a few weeks and would like to tell you more about it.

Firstly, I love the look of the Dot. It's small, dinky but robust and has a huge seat. That's what sold it to me.

Starting from the top we have the foam covered handlebar. The way it's shaped makes it very ergonomical and it feels really good to push the Dot either with one or with both hands, no wrist ache at all.

Then there's the canopy. It's fixed unlike some P&T models with follow the sun hoods. The Dot's canopy is plenty big enough but it does sit a little high on the frame so will shade an older, taller child better than a younger one. There's a pull out sun visor as well.

The seat itself has one of the tallest seat backs around and will easily accommodate an older toddler. The liner is padded as is the 5-point harness so the child is very comfortable. The leg rest is fixed and to be honest it's not the greatest. The triangle shape means older children with larger feet struggle to keep both feet on the foot rest. My son didn't complain about it so I think I may be overthinking this.

The recline on the seat is not the best, it's similar on P&T tandems and I guess you get used to it. There's buckles and straps that need adjusting. It's very easy to recline the seat from upright straight to lie flat but if you're looking for less reclined position it takes a bit of time and practise to get there. I'm not overly keen on the plastic cover that goes on the back of the seat when it's reclined to protect the child from the elements. It attaches via several toggles and takes time to put on.

The Dot comes with a bumper bar, it's a nice shape and definitely in the right place for a child to hold onto but I wish it would be gate opening as it's again time consuming taking it off and putting back on. Also I almost lost it twice as I put it somewhere to keep safe whilst taking my son out of the Dot and left it behind.

The shopping basket is a generous size although a little shallow at the back so you may need to be extra careful with the way you pack things.

The Dot rolls on 3 all air-filled 10 inch wheels that can tackle most terrains with ease. They come with mud guards as well which is especially handy when you use the Dot in double mode.

The brake is very hard to miss and is very easy to use, it works as you'd expect.

It's worth noting that P&Ts don't come with raincovers unless the shop you bought it from sells them as packages. The P&Ts raincovers are very good quality though and worth that little bit extra instead of going for universal ones :)

Now the important part, the handling. I was a little disappointed in how heavy the Dot felt. Yes, my son was quite heavy already but I was expecting a good all terrain 3-wheeler to be less of a struggle. It did go through everything I needed it to but I wish it were a bit lighter to push. I do like how narrow it is as it was very easy to fit it in even in the very busy Camden town.

The fold is very easy to perform once you know how. Unfortunately the way the Dot folds makes it easy to damage the foam on the handlebar as it hits the ground if you're not careful. There's automatic lock as well which I always appreciate. The Dot is lightweight and easy enough to carry and lift in and out of the boot. 

The Dot is suitable from birth as the main seat reclines to fully flat position. You can however purchase a carrycot or use a car seat (with adapters) as well.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't use the Dot in double mode but I did purchase the second seat and wanted to show it to you. The photos are at the bottom of this post. The second seat is a generous size and my son fitted in it well even in the bottom position. There's a very good recline to it when it's in the bottom and it even comes with it's own sun shade. Please check Phil&Teds website for more details on how the Dot can be used as a double.

This was my own pushchair, I wasn't asked to write about it.


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