Thursday, 25 June 2015

Mountain Buggy 3 wheel platform evolution

'Engineered for the mountains, designed for the city'

Mountain Buggy have been making all terrain pushchairs for 20 years now and this year they revolutionised their 3 wheel platform making it even better.

All 3 wheel Mountain Buggies now take their own Carrycot Plus accessory which can be used as a normal lie flat carrycot or with an incline for reflux babies, or as a parent facing seat.

All of them feature a new easy one hand fold. The folded size is now a lot shorter and the new hidden automatic lock makes them easier to transport.

All new Mountain Buggies come in striking, bold colours and with new canvas fabrics that are even more hard wearing than on the previous models.

The Swift, Urban Jungle and +One feature a new hand brake.

The new Mini comes as a travel system and includes the Mountain Buggy Protect infant car seat.

All the changes Mountain Buggy introduced are a huge step forward and the improved pushchairs are bound to be a success. 

Mountain Buggy Mini 
ultra light and tailored for the city

Mountain Buggy Swift 
designed light, built compact

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle 
engineered for the urban active

Mountain Buggy Terrain 
maximum control, maximum performance


Mountain Buggy +One 
urban active, inline (single or double mode)

Have a look at the Mountain Buggy website for more details.

As you may remember I had the pleasure of owning the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Runway Edition and I truly loved it. One thing that made me give it up was the long fold. I'm incredibly happy with the new shorted fold on all of the 3 wheel Mountain Buggies and I look forward to trying one (or all) at some point with my baby girl. You can find my full review of the older Urban Jungle here.

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