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CYBEX Balios M review

This is one of the most anticipated reviews I have had a pleasure of writing.

The CYBEX Balios M is one of 6 new CYBEX pushchairs from the M - range. 
When I first heard CYBEX were launching so many new pushchairs I was a bit dubious of how good they would be. I really shouldn't have worried!

Starting from the beginning the Balios M arrived in a very average sized box. Nothing scary or extremely heavy like some. Upon opening I found the pushchair needed some assembly. The wheels needed attaching (easy peasy) and the seat needed to be put together (a few velcro straps and attaching the canopy with some poppers). All in all took me about 5 minutes.

First impressions were - wow that's a big pushchair! I think it might have been due to the fact I was putting it together in my son's bedroom that had given me this impression. I looked at the rear wheels and thought they were set really wide apart. I don't generally like wide single pushchairs but it's not a deal breaker either. I decided it was best to get the measuring tape out! Imagine my surprise when I measured the rear wheels to be just 57 cm wide. That's a very narrow full size pushchair! The brake is situated on the right rear wheel and is a step on step off type. It's very easy to apply and it works very well.

I then decided it was a good idea to try my older son in the seat and again was very surprised at how well he fitted. He's still within the weight range (up to 17kg) and doesn't use a pushchair but it was good to see how big the seat was. He fits surprisingly well. The leg rest is very good and there's the option for the child to put their feet down right over the front wheels. The canopy can slide up on the seat frame (about an inch) to provide extra head room (I didn't slide the canopy up for the photos of my son in the Balios M). My son is nearly 4 and fits under the canopy with some room to spare. He is on the upper age and weight limit for the pushchair so it's great to see the Balios M would truly last from birth (with the extra carrycot or if using a car seat) to when the child walks independently.

My youngest gets very cross when she has the sun shining in her face so the next step was checking how good the canopy was on the Balios M. Here came a slight disappointment as the extendable part of the hood is covered with mesh. This is a great feature in the middle of a hot summer but not so much with our regular mixed weather when the sun is shining but the wind is still quite strong and chilly.

Next surprise came from the shopping basket. By far one of the biggest baskets on the market and one that can easily fit groceries. 

I was very excited to see that the pushchair can be folded one handed(!) with the seat in place even when it's parent facing. The fold is very easy to perform and the folded size is very good!

The Balios M comes with most of the necessary bits that you'd expect from a high quality pushchair like extendable handlebar, one hand recline seat, automatic lock to keep it folded, lockable front wheels for going over uneven terrains, padded 5-point harness and even a swing away bumper bar! Only thing missing is the raincover which sadly is an extra accessory. I always think that if a pushchair is sold in a country with weather like ours it should really come with the raincover as standard. 

Now enough with the theory, I was ready to go out with the Balios M and couldn't wait for the baby to wake up :)

First walk and each one after that over the last few weeks have been a pleasure for all of us.

There are 2 things that are the most important for me when it comes to a pushchair and the Balios M excels in both. First is the comfortable and safe seat for the baby, the Balios M features a bucket type seat with adjustable leg rest. It looks very comfortable and is just that according to my older son. The second thing is the handling. The Balios M has large diameter rear wheels and smaller swivel front wheels. They provide a very good ride for the baby. There is suspension on the frame but it is rather hard. The pushchair gets a bit bumpy on uneven terrains but neither the baby nor me complained about that. The handlebar is very comfortable for me and can be adjusted to 3 heights to suit taller parents. The push on the Balios M is very very good. It's one of the lightest parent facing pushchairs I've had here! I've taken it off road and to a very busy shopping centre and it was amazing everywhere it went. Mind you I always (well almost) push one handed as I hold my son's hand when we go out so the one hand push without struggling is very important to me. 

The Balios M can also be used from birth with the use of a carrycot that can be bought separately or with the amazing CYBEX car seats to form a travel system including the lie flat CYBEX Cloud Q that I keep eyeing up in shops!

There is only one issue I have with the Balios M. The mesh in the extendable part of the canopy! I'd really like to see the mesh covered with fabric so that you have a choice of using it on hot summer days or covering it up on those sunny but windy days.

It's clear to me that CYBEX worked very hard on their new pushchairs and I can see and feel the Balios M oozing quality all round.

There's a lot more photos of the Balios M here:

Please go here to find out more about the latest M-range from CYBEX and to find out where your nearest retailers are.

Agis M Air 3, £240

Agis M Air 4, £260

Eternis M3, £300

Eternis M4£320

Iris M Air, £340

Balios M, £390

I was sent the Balios M for the purpose of the review. I'd like to thank CYBEX for lending me the pushchair. All opinions are as always my own.


Melissa said...

Dear Milena,

Thank you for your detailed review of the Cybex Balios M. I am just wondering how it differs from the Iris- Air M. I am looking to replace my Bugaboo Cameleon as I find it really tedious and bulky. I am looking for something in between the Bugaboo and the Maclaren Quest. And it seems like the Balios M is just as big as the Bugaboo. Im just thinking about the wheel size of the Iris. Does it also give a smooth and effort-free ride like the Balios? When I use my Maclaren on my toddler, I feel like I am pushing a rock. Thank you so much.

Milena Jaros said...

Hi Melissa, as far as I know the only difference between the Balios M and Iris M-Air is the wheel size making the Iris lighter in weight. My local Mothercare has one on display, might be worth seeing if you have a local stockist somewhere near you. I can't tell you what's it like to push as I've not had one. I had the Balios M at the same time as my Bugaboo Cameleon3 and preferred to use the Balios. It's still a full size pushchair but folds smaller and is much easier to use.

Melissa said...

Hi Milena, thanks for your reply. Yes our local store carries it on display but unfortunately I can't exactly try it out on the road outside.. that's why I'm having a difficult time choosing between the Iris and the Balios because of the wheel size. It was very comfortable pushing the bugaboo out on the streets but do you think the wheel size of the Iris should be big enough to be as comfortable as the bugaboo?

Milena Jaros said...

As I've never tried the Iris outside it's very hard to tell. Personally, I always go for larger wheels :) I found the front Cameleon3 wheels got stuck on uneven pavements and off road, I never had such a problem with the Balios M though.

Melissa said...

Thank you! Do you have plans of reviewing the Iris anytime soon?:)

Milena Jaros said...

Not at the moment but maybe in the future :)

Unknown said...

Hi Milena,

These reviews are very useful, thanks. How would you rate the Balios against the Bumbledrive Indie? We're trying to choose which one to plug the Cloud into.

Many thanks,


Milena Jaros said...

Hi Anita, they're very different pushchairs :) If you'd like to keep baby parent facing and are more city/town based I'd probably go for the Balios M. The Indie 3 and 4 are very much off road prams so would be better suited for outdoor lifestyle. Milena

Unknown said...

Yeah we've just seen the Indie and it is a bit of tank so I think we'll go the other path. We wanted all terrain for walks at the weekend, but that's a bit too all terrain for us! Thanks ever so much for coming back to us.


Berit said...

Hi! Would you recommend Cybex Balios as a travel stroller for a holiday as well? Or is i too big for that?

Milena Jaros said...

I think it's perfect for travelling with as it folds so compactly but would probably invest in a good travel bag if you're going on a plane :)

Berit said...

Thank you so much for answering. Do you think that the bag is necessary even when we are taking the stroller to the gate? And do you have any good suggestions on travel bags for strollers?

Milena Jaros said...

I'd take one just in case, even to protect the fabrics from dirt. I'm not sure which one to go for but there are some universal ones available. Perhaps ask CYBEX if they can suggest one to fit the Balios M.

find more information said...

Some of the great choices. Pretty hard to choose one.

Melinda said...

Dear Milena,

Great review. How would you rate the suspension? I have read other reviews stating that it shakes terribly on slightly cracked sidewalks and is more or less impossible on cobblestone? What is your opinion on this?

Best regards,

Milena Jaros said...

Hi Melinda, I never tried it on cobblestones but it went over anything. It did get bumpy off road but to be honest they all do but most of similar pushchairs get stuck where we normally go and the Balios didn't. The suspension is pretty hard all things considered so I wouldn't call if a proper off roader but for a regular family who goes to the park etc. it will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hi milena, I am looking to replace our bee 3 for a very tall 2 year old he is 98cm was looking at the cybex callisto but then saw it was not much more to get the iris m air my concern is the canopy height I know the Callisto canopy can slide up the frame the iris is fairly fixed buy the looks I just want to choose the best one for height as I am sick of him outgrowing strollers also I live in New Zealand so can only order sight unseen from overseas so you thoughts would be appreciated, many thanks.

Milena Jaros said...

Hi, my son was 4 in the photos above, he still had room under the canopy and he must have been about 105 cm tall here. If I remember correctly the seat back was 51 cm on the Balios M (it's the same on the Iris). On the other hand the Callisto is a proper umbrella stroller, I really liked ours and you can find my review on here as well. The seat was a very good size on that too. Have you seen the Agis and Eternis? They're more stroller like, full size seat (very large), good wheels (better on the Eternis), large basket and super light to push. Again a review of the Agis is on here :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Milena, thanks for your reply I have seen the ages and eternis but am limited to what I can buy here I can order the iris from Australia or the Callisto from the U.K. I think but buy the time I pay import tax on the Callisto it could work out the same price or more as the iris so it makes more sense to go for the iris if you think the seat would last him.

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