Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Leapfrog My Pal Scout

We just came back from holidays and I wanted to do a quick post on one of my son's favourite toys.
Meet the Leapfrog My Pal Scout!
He's been living with us since our boy was 6 months old. At first all we did was turning the music on for him to listen to. We took Scout to the many hospital appointments and surgeries and our boy slept next to him many times. When Jacob grew bigger he learned how to press Scout's paws and turn the music on himself. Not surprisingly he's still playing with Scout now at the age of 2,5 years. He loves Scout and he made sure that Scout came with us on our holidays. It was great to have a familiar toy with us especially in the car when Jacob was awake.
What's so great about Scout? You can plug him in to the computer/laptop and personalise it to suit your child. You can customise it to the music and teach it your child's name, favourite food and animal. There's many classic songs and lullabies available to soothe a baby or entertain a toddler.
If you have a little girl, take a look at Scout's best friend, Violet!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Jane Activa Evo high chair review

A few weeks ago we received the Jane Activa Evo high chair for testing

Jane Activa Evo comes in a lot of pieces that need to be put together. 
As always I was a little (ahem) terrified of assembling it but once I started it was very easy to finish.

Part I

Jane Activa Evo as a high chair

Obviously I had the little helper with me and that 
made putting the high chair together soo much easier :)

Finished assembly (minus the feeding tray)

First things first. I had to see whether I could use the Activa Evo at our table. Unfortunately the high chair is too high for this. The tray sits at approx. 83cm from the ground and our table is a standard 76cm tall.

As you can see the chair's armrest (where the tray goes) wouldn't fit 
under the table and my boy was simply too far away too eat with us.

Activa Evo with the feeding tray

The tray is adjustable to suit the child and can be locked in 3 positions

The tray comes with a second removable cover

My boy quickly figured out the second cover comes off :)

Trying out the recline positions

There's 4 recline positions that the chair can be put in for the comfort of the baby

The recline is done by turning the lever on the back of the chair

Very funky print

Fantastic fabrics (something I adore about Jane)

The Activa Evo is equipped with a 5-point harness for the safety of the baby

My little one praying for food to come :)

The footrest is a little too low and too shallow to be used even for a 2,5 year old

Eating lunch whilst watching Disney's Frozen

The Activa Evo is a large and bulky piece of equipment, 
it doesn't fold as such so you need a place to store it.

Part II

Jane Activa Evo as a table and chair

The Activa Evo looks fantastic in this combination 

My boy and Tigger found it very comfortable

My little one has been playing on the table for the past few weeks 
and he absolutely loves the Activa Evo!


The Activa Evo can be used as a low chair with the tray or without. 
I found it very comfortable to use as such but it poses a risk of 
baby/child loosing the battle over food with the dogs :)

The Jane Activa Evo is a very smart piece of baby equipment. It's incredibly easy to change between the 3 different modes of use. It looks great and fits nicely around our other furniture. The plastics and fabrics are all very high quality and are extremely durable. I especially appreciate the Activa Evo's longevity. It can be used for a baby that just starts weaning up until school age! 
Before we received the Activa Evo, I wasn't sure whether it was worth the price (RRP £164.99) but now I now it is worth more than that. We've spend about £250 on 2 high chairs (first one broke just outside of the warranty) and a table with 2 chairs. Here you can have an amazing high chair and a table with chair for so much less! 

Please take a look here for more information on the Jane products: Johnston Prams

I'd like to thank Jane and Johnston Prams for letting us try the Jane Activa Evo and for their help with the review!

I received the high chair for the purpose of the review. All opinions are my own.

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