Saturday, 25 January 2014


CYBEX have very kindly sent me their Onyx stroller 
so I could try it out with my boy and here it is!

Out of the box.

All I had to do was attach the wheels, push the handles in 
and put the canopy on, simple enough if you ask me!

Attaching the front and rear wheels is very easy.

The assembly wasn't complicated at all, the only thing I had to ask my husband to help me with was attaching the sun canopy 
as I didn't have enough energy to push the clamps over the frame :)

Here's my boy on our first walk with the Onyx.

It was bitterly cold so had to use our old JJ Cole footmuff to keep LO warm.

Full review coming soon :)

Monday, 13 January 2014

A warm welcome to our new family member!

10 weeks old Cocker Spaniel

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Charlie Banana One Size Nappy review

My favourite cloth nappy brand - Charlie Bananas

This is a Charlie Banana One Size nappy

The inside is very soft and doesn't stain easily!

They're very easy to adjust to fit a newborn right up to toddler years

They come with 2 inserts

They're a perfect fit...

and don't restrain his moves :)

My LO loves nappy washing day!

And the next day when he helps stuff the nappies with inserts :)

You can buy Charlie Bananas from several online retailers but here's my absolute favourite one:

These nappies are my own. I wasn't paid for the review and I do love them!!!

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