Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bumbleride Indie

Bumbleride Indie has arrived! 

Obviously the box needed to go through the security check! 

Unpacking the box

I was a little worried when I saw that the rear axle needed assembling 
but was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to put it on. 

Here it is seconds later. 

The tyres needed pumping up but it's normal for manufacturers to deflate tyres 
before shipping a pushchair due to the changes in temperatures in transit.

Attaching the sun canopy was a breeze - 4 poppers and 2 clips later - all done.
No worries about sun protection here...

or shopping space!

The seat reclines flat! 

I've managed to assemble the Indie without looking at instructions. I did however check later to see that they were very clear and easy to follow so if this is your first encounter with a pushchair, you won't find yourself lost. The tyres needed inflating like I mentioned in the post - the recommended pressure is between 25-30 psi. I find it better to keep the pressure somewhere in the middle (with the Indie - around 27 psi) in autumn and winter and lower (25 psi) in the summer because of the higher temperatures.

First impressions so far are great! My son tried climbing in the seat by himself as soon as the Indie was up and really enjoyed his first (and very smooth) ride!

 I was sent the Bumbleride Indie for a review. I wasn't paid for the review and all opinions are my own.


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