Friday, 29 November 2013

Meet Joie Stages!

Can you feel the excitement?!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Graco Stadium Duo Tandem pushchair

This is just a quick look at the Graco Stadium Duo Tandem pushchair. A friend of mine asked me to sell it for her so I decided to try it with my LO and take some photos for the blog.

My first impressions were that the Graco Stadium Duo was huge! It's long, very long. It felt like pushing a bus and I had no clue where the front wheels were. The handle is not adjustable but felt to be comfortable and at a good height. The front wheels are double wheels like on umbrella strollers, they can be locked straight or swivel. The rear wheels are slightly bigger and there's suspension on all wheels. 

My LO looked very comfortable and was very pleased with the front play tray. Unfortunately with his weight in the front, the tandem was unbearably heavy to push and steer even on smooth floors. 

The back seat reclines flat, the front one has only a small recline so you would normally have your eldest in the front and a newborn/young baby in the back. 

I know you can put a Graco car seat on the rear seat so you could have a baby facing you. Both seats have 5-point harnesses and play trays for the children. Both seats have independent canopies that will easily protect from the sun and wind. The Graco Stadium Duo comes with 2 cozytoes, one for each child.

I found the basket to be gigantic. There's space for any baby and toddler gear you'll need with more than one child in tow. 

I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to fold and unfold the Graco Statium Duo, it's really a one hand, one foot fold to make it freestand or just one hand to fold it on the ground! To unfold it all you need to do is unlock the automatic lock and lift the handle up, then I found it was easier to unfold it fully from the side so that it all locks into place. Unfortunately the folded size is absolutely enormous, you'd need a huge car to transport this buggy. It's also rather heavy and there's no easy way to lift it up. 

Tiny Love Classic Musical cot mobile

We bought the Tiny Love Classic Musical mobile when our first one broke down. It's very easy to fit onto a regular wooden cot. It's a lovely mobile, the soft toys are nice and bright and my LO always liked watching them. The best part is that the music is actually very pleasing. The classic tunes that will settle your baby easily and won't disturb the adults :) As you can see we're still using the musical part of the mobile now. My LO turns it on when he goes to bed at night and seems to genuinely like it.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Brica Snack Pod

I found the Brica Snack Pod when I was on the lookout for a new snowsuit for my son. I started going through all the products that Jojo Maman Bebe had on their site and found the Brica Pod. It's a wonderful invention and really straight forward to use. It attaches to pushchairs by a very robust clamp so it's safe to use and my son can't take it of by himself.

It's very easy to fit and I haven't found a pushchair or stroller that it doesn't fit on.

The Brice Snack Pod fits on some car seats too!

My son loves having his cup and some snacks at hand!

You can get yours here:

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Putting Bumbleride Indie 
through it's paces - part I

Out on our first walk - the Bumbleride Indie is THE lightest stroller to push!

It feels at home on uneven paths and in mud.

Looks great even with dirty wheels :)

My boy loves it!

The raincover is very easy to throw over the pushchair in a sudden downpour. 
There's velcro to keep it in place when the wind comes.

It was very easy to navigate the Indie 
through the crowds in Hammersmith, London.

Here my boy was helping daddy fill out an application for a new passport :)

Holding a pen all ready to sign the papers :)

Trying out a different cozytoes as the JJ Cole Bundleme 
kept slipping down the seat back and driving me nuts. 

This one is only good for now as it's not very warm and only covers the legs.

Practising his singing :)

I was sent the Bumbleride Indie for a review. I wasn't paid for the review and all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bumbleride Indie

Bumbleride Indie has arrived! 

Obviously the box needed to go through the security check! 

Unpacking the box

I was a little worried when I saw that the rear axle needed assembling 
but was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to put it on. 

Here it is seconds later. 

The tyres needed pumping up but it's normal for manufacturers to deflate tyres 
before shipping a pushchair due to the changes in temperatures in transit.

Attaching the sun canopy was a breeze - 4 poppers and 2 clips later - all done.
No worries about sun protection here...

or shopping space!

The seat reclines flat! 

I've managed to assemble the Indie without looking at instructions. I did however check later to see that they were very clear and easy to follow so if this is your first encounter with a pushchair, you won't find yourself lost. The tyres needed inflating like I mentioned in the post - the recommended pressure is between 25-30 psi. I find it better to keep the pressure somewhere in the middle (with the Indie - around 27 psi) in autumn and winter and lower (25 psi) in the summer because of the higher temperatures.

First impressions so far are great! My son tried climbing in the seat by himself as soon as the Indie was up and really enjoyed his first (and very smooth) ride!

 I was sent the Bumbleride Indie for a review. I wasn't paid for the review and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

CYBEX Aton 3

Group 0+ car seat

CYBEX Aton 3 features a 3-point harness, 
easy one handed headrest/harness adjustment 
and L.S.P. System (Linear Side-Impact Protection)

Can be used with the car's own 3-point seat belt 
or on a belted or ISOFIX base for ease of use.

The one hand adjustable headrest in it's lowest position.

Headrest in the highest position.

Side view

Huge sun canopy!

Linear Side-Impact Protection System

Rock solid fit in our BMW 7 series with just the 3-point seat belt.

I adjusted the front passenger seat to where I normally have it, 
I'm 5'7'' and my husband (driver) is 5'9''
The CYBEX Aton 3 leaves masses of space.
As far as I know it's one of the most compact infant car seats on the market.

Please check CYBEX website for more details: 

There's a newer version of the CYBEX Aton called the Aton 3S, it has had some minor changes to it. The most important changes are the new position for a baby which makes the seat insert as flat as possible. It also has had the L.S.P. system moved from the handle sides to the sides of the Aton 3S.

Approximate dimension of the CYBEX Aton 3:
Lowest harness 22cm
highest harness 32cm
hip width 24cm
shoulder width 20cm
backrest 50cm
seat depth 26cm

This is my own car seat. Due to the shape of the seat shell and the insert, it's hard to provide accurate measurements of the car seat so please bear this in mind.

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