Friday, 30 August 2013

JJ Cole Toddler BundleMe Footmuff Review
The JJ Cole BundleMe comes in 2 sizes, one smaller for younger babies up to about a 1 year and the next one, bigger for up to 3 years. It's quite a universal fit although can be too tall for some buggies. I have successfully used it on Out'n'About Nipper V2 (the back of the footmuff was way too tall but I folded it away behind the Nipper's seat) and Uppababy Vista (much better fit although still a little too tall for the Vista's seat).

The JJ Cole BundleMe comes in a range of colours but I found them to be hard to find in stores. I managed to get my hands on a navy one, it was this or pink :)

The JJ Cole BundleMe is made of the softest, coziest fleece ever :) On the outside looks like velvet and on the inside like an incredibly soft sheepskin :)

My boy loves his and slept soundly in it many times over. He never overheated in it like in some others we've had. It also makes a lovely liner when you unzip the top. There's 2 zips on each side of the BundleMe. What I did is to unzip each zip a little and fold it away, under my son's feet when we went inside to a store or similar.

The BundleMe is very easy to use, there's velcro openings on the back of the footmuff so you don't have to unthread the harness on a pushchair. Quick and easy! Literally takes seconds.

Did I mention how smart the BundleMe looks?

I wasn't paid for this review. All opinion are my own.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

SnoozeShade original review

I wish someone mentioned the existence of a SnoozeShade before I had my son as it would have been a perfect for naps in the carrycot.

 The SnoozeShade original i made out of mesh, breathable fabric. Features UPF50+ protection and is pretty much universal. It should fit most pushchairs on the market. I have tried in on a few of my own and it fitted nicely. The new SnoozeShade plus deluxe is slightly larger in size so should be even better for all those bigger off-road buggies.

Out'n'About Nipper V2 - very windy but the velcro keeps the SnoozeShade in place

 Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Runway

 The SnoozeShade original attaches to the pushchair with verlcro and it also features a 'sneak-a-peek' zip so you can check on your baby whilst she's sleeping. It also comes with a storage bag and is very small when folded so you can always have it with you. 

What SnoozeShade say about their product:
'SnoozeShade Original is Britain's best-selling and multi-award-winning sun shade and baby sleep aid for prams, buggies, travel systems and pushchairs that protects babies from the sun and makes any time sleep time.'
And I entirely agree :)

If you think you can get away with just putting blankets or muslin squares over the pram to shade you child, trust me, they don't work :) The SnoozeShade does! I have used it several times when we were out shopping or in a restaurant and it shade my boy from all the lights so he could enjoy a peaceful nap. 

Uppababy Vista 

Uppababy Vista - SnoozeShade to protect my sons legs from the scorching sun

Have a look on the SnoozeShade website for more information:

X-Lander XQ

I wasn't paid for this review. All opinions are my own.
Babymoov changing bag review

I recently purchased a new changing bag and it's a gorgeous Babymoov Baby Star bag.
It's quite a large bag. It comes with a lot of accessories so you don't need to buy anything separately.

What's included: large well padded changing mat with mesh pocket, clear large wet bag, small dummy pouch and insulated bottle holder.

The Babymoov bag has built in clips to attach it to the pram handle, a padded shoulder strap and also carry handles.

Inside there's space for all the baby bits and quite a few pockets for mummy :)

It's a lovely, large changing bag. The overall quality is great. I really like the size of the changing mat and also how much space there is inside the bag. I can honestly recommend it to everyone on the hunt for that perfect nappy bag. Babymoov bags come in some striking colours and designs.

I wasn't paid for this review. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Maclaren Techno XLR 2013

The Maclaren XLR is very expensive for a stroller but it comes will all accessories. 
Feels heavy and awkward to lift as it's so long. Would only fit in the boot of our saloon BMW 5 series diagonally, meaning there was barely any room left.
Quite heavy to push with my 12,5 kg toddler in. Very heavy to push with any additional weight (shopping etc.).

The XLR has great suspension which surprised me on an umbrella stroller. Large wheels actually go over most obstacles and low kerbs without lifting the front. Very good quality fabrics, raincover, even the footmuff.

Worth noting is the improved access to the shopping basket but it's still tricky to put anything larger inside. Huge extending canopy with silver pull out sun visor (looks way better than the old clear plastic one). Pocket at the back of the hood for some mummy essentials. A nice feature is the magnetic opening on the peek-a-boo window. Handles are adjustable but I found them very high on the lower level. I'm 5'7. Easy to use brake.

The harness on the XLR is a pain in the neck to adjust and I found it impossible to correct the length even slightly with my son seated, had to take him out. A great point is the buckle as a child will not be able to get it open as you need to depress the button from underneath. The seat can be used with or without the extra padded liner.

The XLR has a very tall seat back but I found the seat to be quite shallow and had to use the leg rest in the upper position to keep my son from slipping down. I like the one hand recline but it's slightly awkward to reach the handle under the fabrics. The front wheels can be locked but it's tricky to access the buttons and I wouldn't want to do it in the rain/mud.

I found it inconvenient that the wheels on the Maclaren couldn't be removed for cleaning.

The XLR can be used from birth and there's even a soft carrycot available to buy for some parent facing time.

I wasn't paid for this review. All opinions are my own.
Babystyle Oyster Plush Review

We bought the Oyster Plush as I missed having my son parent facing and let's face it, it looked gorgeous. Lightweight, decent sized shopping basket, large sun canopy, reversible seat, leather covered height adjustable handle, folded with the seat in either direction, great quality fabrics... What more would you want?
First impressions were absolutely positive.

 So why didn't we keep it? The front wheels buckled underneath the pushchair when pushed down kerbs. They looked like they would snap off every time they hit a crack in the pavement.
This wasn't the reason though, I still wanted to keep the Oyster as a second pushchair because I liked the look of it so much.

What made me sell it was the seat unit. The Oyster's seat can be shut close for folding like an actual oyster shell which means there's a sort of hump where the backrest meets the bottom of the seat. It's hard enough to explain but it makes a child slump in the seat. An older child won't be able sit upright in it. My son was 10 months when we had the Oyster and he hated sitting in it. He just couldn't get comfortable. It would have been perfect for when he was little but not at the age where he wanted to see everything and sit as upright as possible.

There was another thing that bothered my son and that was the sun canopy. It couldn't be pushed back, it was always half opened and blocking his view.

I liked the idea of the insect net being hidden away in the footrest but kind of feel it would be more useful to have the raincover stored there instead as to this day I've never needed an insect net for Jacob.

I wish the Oyster was better for us as I still miss it!

I wasn't paid for this review. All opinions are my own.
What's the best birthday gift for a 2 year old boy? I think we found the answer...

Strider ST-4 Balance Bike

Full review will have to wait as Jacob needs to learn how to ride on the Strider first. Today, just minutes after putting the bike together, my boy was trying to walk with it. Looks like he might need a few days to practice his new found skills and mummy needs to exercise more so she can keep up with him :)

The gorgeous Strider can be bought directly from the distributor here:
I have found these in different online stores but only Learning Early offers a next day delivery with one hour time slot! We also received a free helmet!


It took Jacob about 2 weeks to master riding his new bike. 
Here is one of his first attempt on his own:

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