Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Joie Stages

group 0+/1/2 car seat
birth-25 kg
Extended rear facing to 18 kg!

Rear facing only in the most reclined position

Newborn insert

Installed in our old Mercedes C-Class 2001 estate

The Stages can be used forward facing from 9 to 18 kg with the 5-point harness

Seat belt lock-offs

The Stages converts into a high back booster for an older child, 
can be used in this way from 15 to 25 kg.
The harness can be stored in the back of the seat so it's not in the way.

We've had the Joie Stages for a bit over a month now and I have to say I'm extremely pleased with it!

It needs a lot of the length of the seat belt so in our car I need to put the Stages upright first and adjust the recline after placing the diagonal part of the seat belt in the guides. After that it's very simple and feels very solid after pulling the seat belt tight.
With the headrest on one of the higher positions the Stages takes more front to back space but is still quite compact.
For the purpose of the review I've installed the Stages forward facing (9-18 kg) in our car but I wasn't very happy with the installation in our car.
As a high back booster (18-25 kg) it felt much more secure though. I think this will largely depend on the car and the shape of the seats.
Overall I'm very happy to use the Joie Stages as an extended rear facing seat for our son until he reaches the maximum weight of 18 kg. Then I will probably look for another rear facing seat to use until 25 kg. The Stages looks and feels very good and is of fantastic quality. My 2y4m old is very happy in it both awake and asleep.

The things to look out for when buying the Stages would be the seat belt length and buckle crunch since the Stages' base is very close to the back of the main seat in the car.
As for my initial worry of placing my son in the Stages with the diagonal belt in the way, please don't let it bother you as it's much easier than it looks and you'll soon find your own way of doing it so it's comfortable for you and your child.

More information on Joie's website:

Please check Joie's facebook page for updates on new affordable Joie extended rear facing seats in the near future (hint hint)

And a reminder to my lovely readers that it's much safer to buy children's car seats from specialised stores/retailers where staff can teach you how to install the seats and adjust them for your children as the grow and which can offer the best after sales care so you have the peace of mind that your little ones are safe!

Here's a short list of retailers whom I can recommend to you all:

Thursday, 26 December 2013

MINI-U Bathtime for kids

If you're looking for a way to make bath time fun for your children this maybe the solution.
I recently bought some great bath products for my son to make his bedtime bath a little more fun and educational. He loves going in the bath anyway but I wanted to treat him to something special.
I ordered these from a lovely online store called Pink Box Cosmetics
The bath soaps even came gift wrapped!

Pink Box Cosmetics have a lovely selection of baby and toddler products

My boy loves his colourful baths now even more!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Jane Fold rocker

This is our Jane (pronounced Han-nay) Fold rocker.

It can be used from birth in the most reclined position and there's an included head support cushion that works brilliantly for newborns. It also comes with a toy arch with 3 soft toys.
You can use it as a rocker to soothe a baby or as a small chair to feed them their first meals like we did. There's a brake at the back to keep it in one position, otherwise the baby's movement will make it rock by itself :)
Jane Fold as the name suggests can be folded really easily and to a nice compact size.
The fabrics are very high quality, exactly the same as on the Jane pushchair range. They are removable and washable which is great for sickly babies.
It comes with a 3 point safety harness and crotch pad.
There's also 2 straps on each side for transport but I would advice against carrying the rocker with a baby in it!
What's great about the Jane Fold is that you can keep on using it through to toddler age as a nice and comfortable chair for the little one.

I wasn't paid for this review. All opinions are my own.

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