Thursday, 11 February 2016

Classic wooden doll pram

This wooden doll pram was a Christmas present for my little girl and quickly became a hit with both her and my older son. The pram was easy enough to assemble as I managed to do it myself and took me about half an hour to finish. The pram came with the little pink mattress as well. All it needed was a doll. I bought 2 little dolls, a baby boy and a baby girl ones from Zapf that fit in the pram very well. It's been a few weeks now and the pram is showing no wear or tear and is very often played with. I found it very sturdy when compared to others, especially plastic ones. It also seems easy to maneuver for the baby. The handlebar can be set in one of the two positions depending on the child's height. Overall we're all very pleased with the toy pram. It was definitely worth the money and I don't think it lacks anything that the more expensive doll prams have.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Baby Jogger Versa GT

This isn't a proper review as I didn't keep the Baby Jogger City Versa GT. I really liked the standard Versa we had for a few weeks for our older son but didn't like how the wheels picked up little stones and made a lot of noise on wet pavements. I decided to try the GT version with the baby and see if that was better. I did like the wheels as they're forever air and a nice size. Unfortunately the Versa GT is not only heavier to lift than the standard Versa that I struggled with. The Versa GT is also heavier to push, a lot heavier. With a young baby in I had a hard time pushing the Versa GT with two hands not to mention one. I took it to the local park and it was such a hard push the baby got properly bounced around and didn't enjoy it in the slightest. I also remembered how big the seat on the standard Versa was for my then 3 year old. The Versa GT seat is exactly the same but I was disappointed to see how badly my baby fitted in it. The harness wouldn't go low or tight enough for her and she slumped in the wide seat. It's a great size for an older toddler but not so much for a young baby. If you're not bothered by the weight of the Versa GT then this is a great pushchair, I'm just a weakling I guess :)
Please take a look at my previous review with lots of photos of the standard Versa.

I used a Bugaboo Donkey hood with Donkey rods and clamps here 
as they fit the Versa and the Select perfectly.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Bugaboo Cameleon3 vs. CYBEX Balios M 
- photos

Please note these photos are for illustration purposes only.

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Easywalker MINI buggy
- review

Easywalker MINI buggy in amazing Union Jack print arrived here a few weeks ago courtesy of Baby Jungle. I unpacked it as quickly as I could as I love putting together new prams. Unfortunately for me the MINI buggy came assembled and all it needed was for me to attach the canopy and adjust the harness. It was all ready in 2 minutes! My baby couldn't wait to climb in her new ride and seemed just as excited as I was! 

First impressions were very good. Quality of the fabrics outstanding just as on the MINI stroller we had before (the pushchair with reversible seat). Wheel size seemed good as well. The seat liner is well padded and has a little head pillow for comfort. Harness is easy to adjust and fitted the baby well. It comes with padded shoulder and buckle pads as well which is always a bonus for me. I was impressed that the stroller came with not only a raincover but also a mosquito net, great for those who live or travel to warmer places. The shopping basket is pretty average size for an umbrella stroller, it may not impress some but it will hold all of the essentials. I found the brakes very easy to use and they certainly do their job well. The bumper bar that you can see here is an extra and needs to be bought separately. Whether to buy it or not is a personal choice but I really like to have them on all my pushchairs for the baby to hold onto and for added safety. The canopy has a hidden extension and when fully opened is huge! This is definitely one of the best features on the MINI buggy! 

The Easywalker MINI buggy is what we call an umbrella stroller. It's easy to fold with one hand and one foot. First you pull on the strap at the back of the seat and then press your foot down on the metal lever above the rear right wheel. The stroller collapses with ease and has an automatic lock to keep it folded. You can carry it on your shoulder with the strap which makes it ideal for travel. It's also very lightweight, at just 6.5 kg it's one of the lightest full feature strollers on the market. I was really impressed when I noticed it could also freestand folded which is fantastic for storage in small spaces. The MINI buggy can also be used with a car seat on it with adapters that are sold separately. All of these features make it a great travel buggy.

When I finally got to take it outside I was very impressed with the maneuverability and how light the MINI buggy felt to push. School run was a lot easier with such a narrow stroller. I did find one niggle but this is a personal thing. The handles are set quite low for me but I'm 5'7 and I like taller handles. I wouldn't worry about this if you're average height but if you're taller I'd definitely look at the latest MINI XL buggy with extendable handles as that would be more suitable for taller parents. My baby was very comfortable in the MINI buggy each time she went in it. She loved the canopy and the bumper bar and I really like how easy to use the MINI is. I also appreciate the attention to detail that Easywalker put in the buggy, for example the handles and bumper bar are leatherette which means no nasty foam to bite into :)

If you like what you see and would love to find out more or perhaps buy your own Easywalker MINI buggy then please visit for more information and to order yours! Each order made from the UK will receive a FREE bumper bar with their new Easywalker MINI buggy!

Huge thank you to Baby Jungle for sending us this amazing stroller!