Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Baby Jogger Versa 

Baby Jogger Versa is a very versatile pushchair. It comes with a parent or forward facing seat and it can be used from newborn with an additional carrycot or car seat adaptors.
The Versa seat is what surprises many the most. For a reversible seat it's massive! Will easily fit a 4 year old and they will be comfortable in it.
The seat has 3 recline positions both parent and forward facing and also an adjustable footrest (which can also be made longer) and a huge sun canopy with not one but 2 (!) peak a boo windows!
The handle on the Versa pivots up and down and there's a position that should suit parents of all heights.
The Versa's brake may surprise some as you won't find it anywhere near the rear axle. It's actually a handbrake located on the right hand side of the handle and it's very easy to use. I found it great as my 3 year old couldn't play with it like normally does with a foot brake.
The wheels are small 8'' hard rubber wheels. There's suspension on all 4 wheels that actually work! The front wheels can be locked straight for going over uneven ground, pebbles, grass etc.
One of my favourite features on the Versa is the huge shopping basket! It's one of the biggest available on the market!
The Versa's popularity is mostly due to the fact that even though it's a full size pushchair with a reversible seat, it still has the amazing one hand pull Baby Jogger fold with the seat in situ!!! You simply press the button on the seat next to the recline mechanism and the seat fold in on itself like an oyster, then you just pull the red strap and the frame folds in your hand. The end result is rather long but very flat package. It's heavy though at 12 kg so I found it on the heavy side to actually carry in one hand. It's still easy enough to put in the boot of the car though :)
The Versa is incredibly smooth to push. I was very surprised at how well it handled our uneven pavements. The all wheel suspension actually works. The wheels being hard rubber are smooth but tend to pick up little stones and look quite worn after just a few walks. I found the Versa to be very light to push with my heavy 3 year old in it and some shopping too.
Please take a look at the photos below to see all the amazing features of the Baby Jogger Versa!

The seat forward facing upright

The seat forward facing mid recline

The seat forward facing reclined

The seat parent facing upright

The seat parent facing mid recline

The seat parent facing reclined

The seat folded forward facing

The seat folded parent facing

The folding strap

Baby Jogger Versa folded with the seat forward facing

Baby Jogger Versa folded with the seat parent facing

Automatic lock to keep the Versa folded

Seat unit storage strap to keep it from opening

Versa in a typical hatchback boot

Handbrake when in use

Mesh pocket on the back of the seat unit

Buttons to remove the seat on either side of it

The front wheels can be locked for going over rougher terrains.

Great buckle as it's easy for a parent to undo but looks to be very child proof. 

The footrest in the shorter position for younger babies

The footrest in the longer position for older toddlers

Footrest adjusted upwards

2 peak-a-boo windows in the canopy!

Huge basket with easy access from all sides with the seat in place

3 year old with masses of room to grow in the seat

There's many shoulder strap heights to choose from so will fit a baby of any size

This is our own pushchair. I wasn't paid or asked to write about it.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Baby Jogger City Versa


The Baby Jogger City Versa came to us in a very slim, compact box.

With minimal assembly needed, the Baby Jogger City Versa 
was ready to go within a minute or so.

All you need to do is unfold the frame, pop the wheels on 
and place the seat unit on the frame. 
The only thing left to do is attaching the sun canopy 
which again is very simple and straightforward.

All ready to go for our first walk!

Full review coming soon!

This is our own pushchair. I wasn't paid to write about it :)

Sunday, 3 August 2014


I had the opportunity to try out gNappies a few months back 
and wanted to show them to you all.
When you buy gNappies you basically buy reusable covers 
and then you choose between cloth or disposable inserts.

This is what the disposable inserts look like.

The gNappies come in lots of colours for either boys or girls.

The gPant (gNappy cover) comes with a waterproof  pouch.

The gNappies come in 3 sizes - small, medium and large

My boy was very comfortable in the gNappies!

They're not too bulky and a great fit. 
My son weighed around 13.4 kg here and was wearing size Medium.

Have a look at the gNappies website for more details and to buy your own cloths!